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June 3

[Update: Black Music Forever station too] Pandora brings customizable ‘Modes’ to Qmunity station

After launching ‘Modes’ back in 2019, Pandora is bringing this feature to offer a customized listening experience to its first genre-based station as well as lending some of its music tech to a new Pride-themed Snapchat lens.

April 23

Tim Cook joins BBC pandemic relief event, promises significant Apple donation

Apple has been at the forefront of pandemic relief efforts by donating resources like masks, shields, financial support around the world, and more. Now, CEO Tim Cook appeared on the BBC and shared that Apple is making another big contribution to the network’s entertainment relief event “The Big Night In.”

April 21

HBO Max launching in May for $15/month with new original content, classics like ‘Friends’ and ‘Veep’

WarnerMedia has announced that its forthcoming HBO Max streaming service will launch on May 27. Coming in at $15 per month, the service will pack new original content, as well as a robust back catalog of movies and TV shows from the Warner Bros. library.

November 7, 2010

Review: Kanex MDPC30 Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

Apple adapter foreground, Kanex in the back. If you are an Apple customer who’ve had a 30-inch display since the time Apple announced they’d be going from DVI adapters to Mini DisplayPort, you’ve probably gone through the wringer like me. Display flicker Issues with Apple’s adapter That link is to the timeline up until last […]

June 5, 2009

Another iPhone 3 mockup…

Another one we like… thanks Kane

January 6, 2010

Why does the WSJ's Yukari Iwatani Kane get the planned Apple leaks?

Why has Apple picked her to be the source of planned leaks? John “clear skies” Martellaro tells of his time at Apple where he was instructed to do planned leaks and the purpose of such leaks: 

Controlled leaks are almost always the solution to a problem. In this case, it could have been that Apple needed to release the tablet information early because they wanted:

  • to light a fire under a recalcitrant partner
  • to float the idea of the US$1,000 price point and gauge reaction
  • to panic/confuse a potential competitor about whom Apple had some knowledge
  • to whet analyst and observer expectations to make sure the right kind and number of people show up at the (presumed) January 26 event. Apple hates empty seats and demands SRO at these events.

He points out that two authors at the WSJ are always named so they can point the finger at each other.  But if you look at recent likely leaked stories, one name keeps coming up 100% of the time:  Yukari Iwatani Kane.  Why? 

Video of her discussing her Apple leaks below.

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