Foxconn Stories April 27

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Foxconn Stories April 18

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A fund backed by the Japanese government has hinted that it may try to prevent Apple supplier Foxconn’s attempt to take control of Toshiba’s chip-making division. It has been variously reported that Foxconn is seeking either an outright purchase of the division, or a controlling stake – possibly with Apple’s assistance

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Foxconn Stories April 14

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Update: The WSJ reports that Apple is withholding licensing fees from Qualcomm pending resolution of the legal dispute between the two companies. A source estimates that Apple accounts for around 12% of the company’s total revenue. Qualcomm’s share price is down 19% so far this year.

We saw recently the impact on the share price of Imagination Technologies when Apple announced that it expected to stop using the company’s GPU tech within two years. The stock plummeted by 70%, reducing its market valuation by hundred of millions of dollars.

Not surprising when it turns out that royalty payments from Apple on the company’s chip designs forms almost half of the company’s income – and it is not the only company to be so heavily dependent on Apple’s business …

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Toshiba NAND chip in the 2016 12-inch MacBook (iFixit)
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Following earlier confusion about whether Apple or Foxconn was bidding for a stake in Toshiba’s chip-making division, it appears that the answer could be ‘both.’ Reuters cites a report by public broadcaster NHK that Apple would be making its own bid alongside the existing Foxconn one.

Apple is considering teaming up with its supplier Foxconn to bid for Toshiba’s semiconductor business, public broadcaster NHK said on Friday […] Apple is considering investing at least several billion dollars to take a stake of more than 20 percent.

If the deal went through, it could be bad news for Samsung – but there are a couple of hurdles to be overcome before agreement could be reached …

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Foxconn Stories April 10

AAPL: 143.17


Apple manufacturer Foxconn is said to have made a large bid for Toshiba’s NAND storage unit. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Foxconn this week offered up $27 billion for the business, a bid considerably higher than had previously been offered by companies such as Broadcom.

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Foxconn Stories March 9

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The idea that Foxconn might establish an iPhone assembly factory in the United States – something which had already seemed unlikely – has been thrown into further doubt by remarks made by the company’s chairman.

Apple reportedly asked both Foxconn and Pegatron to look into the possibility of bringing iPhone assembly into the U.S. following threats by President Trump to impose hefty import tariffs on products imported from China. Pegatron reportedly refused outright, while Foxconn agreed to investigate the idea.

But comments made by Foxconn chairman Terry Gou today suggest there is little prospect of this happening …

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