Prime Video update will make it easier to see what isn’t free with your subscription

Prime Video update | Logo seen on a TV

An Amazon Prime Video update rolling out today will address one of the biggest complaints made about the service – that it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t included with your subscription without first clicking on it.

Amazon also claims that the new user interface is simpler and more personalized, making it faster to find something interesting to watch …

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CrowdStrike CEO called to testify before Congress to explain how it happened

CrowdStrike CEO called to testify before Congress | Committee on Homeland Security graphic

The House Homeland Security Committee has written to CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz, asking him to testify before Congress. The letter says the committee wants Kurtz to explain how the global IT outage happened, and what steps it is taking to prevent any repetition.

The demand comes as companies around the world struggle to recover from the global IT outage, with Delta saying that it has cancelled 4,000 flights since Friday and expects disruption to continue for another couple of days …

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Security Bite: North Korean hackers impersonate job recruiters to target Mac users with updated BeaverTail malware

mac macos malware 2024

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Security researchers have identified an attempt by state-sponsored hackers from North Korea (DPRK) to target Mac users with infostealer malware through a trojanized meeting app.

Once infected, the malware would establish a connection between the Mac and the attacker’s command and control (C2) server to exfiltrate sensitive data like iCloud Keychain credentials. It was also found to quietly install the remote desktop application AnyDesk and keylogging software in the background to take over machines and collect keystrokes.

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Apple Intelligence will make Apple bring its latest chip to entry-level iPhones and iPads

Apple Silicon chip arm iPhone iPad Mac

We’ve been hearing rumors about a new generation of the iPhone SE for some time now, and a report this morning gave us more details about what to expect from the new model. One interesting detail about the recent leaks is the fact that the new iPhone SE may have the A18 chip, and this suggests that Apple wants to bring Apple Intelligence features even to entry-level iPhones and iPads.

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iPhone 17 Ultra? Slim? Air? Here’s why the latest rumor is so confusing

iPhone 17 mockup

We’re just a couple months away from the iPhone 16’s launch. There are a lot of changes in store for this year’s iPhones. But today it’s next year’s models at the center of a new rumor.

When the iPhone 17 launches in 2025, reports indicate that Apple plans to introduce an advanced, ultra-premium model that stands apart from the rest of the lineup. I’ve taken to calling it the iPhone 17 Ultra, but today’s rumor casts new doubts over the role of this new model, and whether it might be something else entirely: an iPhone Air? iPhone Slim? Or will it be an Ultra model after all?

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9to5Mac Daily: July 22, 2024 – iPhone 17 rumors, Apple TV+ strategy shifts

9to5mac daily podcast

On today’s episode of 9to5Mac Daily, we dive into a new leak that details every spec and feature of the iPhone 17. We also discuss how Apple TV+ is attempting to rein in budgets on new projects. Lastly, we explore how Apple is celebrating the 2024 Olympics in Maps, TV, and more. Tune in for all of the latest Apple news!

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M2 iPad Air vs iPad 10 displays

Deals: M4 iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cell all-time low, MagSafe chargers, HomePod, more

Today’s deals are headlined by the latest M4 pro-grade Apple tablets with the 13-inch entry-level model joining a new low on the Wi-Fi + Cell variant at $110 off the going rate. Next, we have a new Amazon low Belkin’s 2-in-1 BoostCharge Pro MagSafe charger, the best price ever on the pink AirPods Max, Nomad gear, and much more. Head below for a closer look.

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iOS 18 Photos hands-on: Get ready for major changes to one of your most-used iPhone apps

Photos app iOS 18

Years ago, the iPhone was young enough that Apple could make major changes to how iOS works and receive minimal pushback. Today, the iPhone is a mature product with billions of users, so any change in iOS is bound to receive more attention and even criticism.

Change is hard, especially when it affects apps that are used by nearly every iPhone owner.

That’s why the new Photos app in iOS 18 is about to be subject to a whole lot of scrutiny. Here’s what’s new.

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Rivian CEO addresses lack of CarPlay support, relationship with Apple in new interview

While CarPlay is widely available on the majority of cars nowadays, Rivian is one of the primary holdouts (alongside Tesla and now GM). In a new interview this week on the Decoder podcast, Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe explained the company’s reasoning for not supporting CarPlay, while also touting its overall “great relationship with the Apple team.”

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