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September 2016 - February 2017

The BeatsX are a pair of W1-enabled Bluetooth headphones that allow for easy pairing with iOS devices, the Apple Watch and Macs. They come in multiple colors with a MSRP of $149.95. The BeatsX have the distinction of being the cheapest wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market with Apple’s innovative W1 chip embedded inside. Unlike the AirPods, the BeatsX aren’t truly wire-free, but they do have a few distinct advantages such as an inline remote control, and different sized eartips for a more custom fit. Be sure to read and watch our full BeatsX hands-on for more details.

BeatsX Stories February 24, 2017


Apple’s AirPods come in just one color, but it was only a matter of time before ColorWare provided a colorful alternative to the all white earbuds. As we noted earlier this week, ColorWare is now accepting orders for Apple Airpods in a variety of solid or metallic colors in a matte or glossy finish.

Jonathan Morrison of TLD already got his mitts on ColorWare’s handy work, and he went for one of the most logical choices — a glossy black finish that closely resembles the Jet Black iPhone 7. expand full story

BeatsX Stories February 18, 2017


Six weeks after the launch of the iPhone 7 I wrote that life without a headphone jack was a confusing mess of adapters and a lack of cohesion between Apple products. That piece, however, was written before W1 earbuds hit the market.

Now, Apple has three pairs of W1 earbuds available and my opinions have done a total 180…

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BeatsX Stories February 13, 2017


The highly anticipated BeatsX are the latest pair of wireless earphones to feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which makes it easy to pair and switch between eligible iOS devices.

First revealed at Apple’s fall iPhone event, the BeatsX have experienced a few delays on their way to last Friday’s release. The white and black versions are currently available for in store pickup and shipping, while the newly-revealed grey and blue versions are scheduled to ship in 2-3 weeks.

How do the BeatsX stack up to the similarly-priced AirPods? Are they a good option for users looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? In this hands-on video walkthrough, we’ll take a look at some of the top BeatsX features in our quest to answer those questions. expand full story

BeatsX Stories February 10, 2017


Apple’s BeatsX wireless earphones (stylized as Beatsx) are now available to purchase from after an extended delay following their introduction in September. Like AirPods, BeatsX earphones use Apple’s special W1 chip that makes pairing and switching between Apple devices nearly instant. is quoting short shipping times for the black and white BeatsX, with delivery for Valentine’s Day. Apple’s website is also selling the newly-announced gray and blue colors with longer 2-3 week wait times.

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BeatsX Stories February 9, 2017


The delayed BeatsX earbuds go on sale tomorrow on and in retail stores after a lengthy delay. Ahead of the release to the public, a trio of YouTube reviewers got their hands on the W1-equipped headphones from Apple and Beats. The videos offer a first-look at BeatsX and compare them Apple’s own AirPods.

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BeatsX are set to go on sale tomorrow after missing their promised fall launch, and YouTuber Jonathan Morrison has a new video featuring an early look at the new wireless earphones. In his hands-on video, Morrison discovers that Apple is bundling a promo code for three months of Apple Music with BeatsX purchases.

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BeatsX Stories February 7, 2017


Earlier today, it was officially confirmed that the delayed BeatsX would become available this Friday, February 10th. Announced back in September alongside the iPhone 7, the BeatsX were originally slated to be released sometime during the fall, but were then pushed back.

Now that we have a solid release date, and that AirPods are on the market as well, do you plan on purchasing the BeatsX? Or has the delay caused you to look at other options such as Apple’s own AirPods?

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Update: As expected, BeatsX earphones now available to order (, Best Buy).

The delayed BeatsX earphones will be available to buy from this Friday, February 10, in the US at and Apple retail stores. The BeatsX are a new neckband design from the company and the last set of wireless headphones with W1 chip to be released, following the launch of the Powerbeats 3, Solo3 headphones and the Apple AirPods.

Beats have also unveiled two new colors, grey and blue, in addition to the white and black finishes (via CNET). Only the white and black BeatsX will be available this week, the other colors will come later.

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BeatsX Stories February 6, 2017


The BeatsX earphones have been showing up briefly in stock for in-store pickup today at various stores across the United States on Apple’s Online Store tracker. However, the availability quickly turns back to currently unavailable and the ‘Add To Bag’ button for purchase remains grayed out.

The Best Buy website has also changed to an option to ‘check stores’, rather than an out of stock notice. Whilst the stock weirdness may suggest that a launch is imminent, perhaps later this week, it does not seem like they will be launching today.

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BeatsX Stories February 2, 2017


Despite the launch of the similar Powerbeats 3 and subsequent release of AirPods, the BeatsX have suffered from a prolonged delay. The wireless earbuds were originally announced alongside the iPhone 7 last September and given a release date of sometime in the fall. Following the release of AirPods, however, BeatsX were delayed until February.

As that launch nears, however, iStockNow reports that BeatsX could launch as soon as sometime this week…

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BeatsX Stories December 13, 2016


So there’s good news and bad news. Apple’s new wireless AirPods are now available to order with deliveries scheduled for as soon as December 19, but Apple’s new BeatsX models won’t be released until later next year as recently rumored.

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BeatsX Stories December 12, 2016

After AirPods, B&H email suggests BeatsX wireless earphones also significantly delayed

Apple and its Beats subsidiary don’t seem to be having much luck with wireless in-ear headphone production. Following the continuing delay in bringing AirPods to market, an email from Apple authorized reseller B&H suggests that the BeatsX earphones will also be significantly delayed.

BeatsX Stories September 7, 2016


Alongside AirPods, Apple has announced Beats will be launching a range of new headphones with wireless Solo3 and wireless Powerbeats 3. They are also launching a new range called BeatsX, which is a cheaper collection that uses cables. All three use the Apple W1 chip for audio output.

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