New iPod touch vibrates

A fairly undocumented feature in the new iPod touch is the ability for the device to vibrate like the iPhone. It seems this vibrate function was designed with the deaf in mind, as its primary use is vibrating when a FaceTime is received. Apple markets FaceTime as the perfect way to have a phone call using sign language, and vibrate helps hard-of-hearing users know when a call is incoming.

No word on whether this vibrate function can be used in games and such like on iPhones but hopefully we’ll find that out soon. Another change in this year’s iPod touch is the absence of the plastic WiFi antenna strip. It will be interesting to see if it has any affect on signal strength.

See internals below:

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Ping nets 1 million users, iTunes 10 gets 3 million downloads

It’s only been around 48 short hours since the launch of Apple’s Ping social music network, and the service has already managed to get one million users. According to Apple’s Chief of Internet stuff, Eddy Cue, those one million Ping accounts make up 1/3 of iTunes downloads. If you crunch those numbers you’ll find out iTunes 10 has already had 3 million downloads. Read more

Shazam gets new look, mad multitasking skillz

One of the most popular iOS Apps of all time got its biggest upgrade yet, moving to version 3.0 and adding prime iOS 4 status. The app got some mad fast-app switching skillz as well as support for that hott iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 retina screen.

Shazam also gets a fresh new look that adds features while simplifying the controls. Hit up the full release notes above, check out the new interface after the jump, and download the update here.

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Xcode 4 Preview 3 now available

Apple has just released their 3rd preview/beta of their upcoming Xcode 4 software. Hot off the heals of iOS 4.1’s golden master release, this new preview of Xcode 4 includes iOS 4.1 compatibility and a few new features. As always, bug fixes are included. — They’re free!

New features include a new activity interface for developers as well as a completely fresh user-interface for the new code completion technologies in Xcode 4. The second preview of Xcode 4 was issued to developers in late July and the first preview was provided exclusively to WWDC 2010 attendees in early June.

Apple to live stream tomorrow's event

Folks, this is one for the books. Apple has announced they will be live streaming tomorrow’s music related event. This is the first time in recent (thanks, commenters) keynote history that a live stream will be offered. This gives us the sense that something HUGE is going down tomorrow and Apple wants to make sure it’s all seen. Maybe they have to show off something indescribable with live blog pictures? Who knows?

You can catch the stream at at 10 AM sharp! Oh, and that live-audio stream we said we’ll try to find? Use this one :) Also: You’ll need a Safari rocking Mac or iOS device to catch the action, PC’s: screw you! It also makes sense that Apple will be offering this stream to ensure their WiFi doesn’t go out like at WWDC due to them’ bloggers. That said, Apple shouldn’t have much issue demoing their new video streaming service and FaceTime-capable iPod touches.