Twitter for iPhone/iPad updated for iOS 4.2, push notifications, other improvements

Twitter has just released an update to their iOS client and its brings support for the upcoming iOS 4.2 along with some other interesting features and enhancements. The iPad got inline media support, user interface improvements, along with an enhanced search feature.

* Improved display of shortened URLs
* Correctly load reserved paths, such as
* Fix connection error caused by a device clock being set incorrectly
* Additional retina graphics
* Enable geotagging in your account with one tap

* Inline media
* Manage saved searches
* UI improvements

Twitter for iPhone received a few important fixes including better short URL support, connection error fixes, easier geo-tagging setup and better Retina display support. The biggest new feature in the version 3.2 update may be the inclusion of push notifcations. You will now receive one of those classic Apple obtrusive alerts whenever you are @mentioned.

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Flight Control HD comes to Mac late November via Steam

Firemint has just announced that their widely popular Flight Control for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will be making its way to the Mac sometime later this month via the Steam platform. In case you are not familier with the popular game Firemint has a nice summary:

In Flight Control HD, you take on the role of an air traffic controller at an increasingly busy airport. Using your mouse or trackpad, you can select a plane and trace a path to the correct landing zone. As the airspace gets more and more busy, your challenge is to land all flights safely, without collisions!

Here’s the announcement regarding the Mac version of Flight Control HD:

The Steam version of Flight Control HD will feature a brand-new, exclusive map. The new “Stunt Flying” map will introduce an exciting new gameplay element, where you can score extra points for flying through a course of stunt cones before landing. This adds a new challenge to the much-loved and insanely addictive gameplay first made famous by the worldwide iPhone hit that has now been downloaded more than 3 million times. Flight Control HD for Steam will also feature Steam achievements and leaderboards, and will be available world-wide.

Firemint notes that a version for the upcoming Mac App Store will be available when the store launches in around 90 days from now. In the meantime, you can start practicing on your iPhone and iPod touch or iPad.

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Jobs: Keynote streaming to Apple TV 'coming soon'

TUAW reports that according to a purported e-mail from Steve Jobs the next version of Keynote will include a sort of AirPlay functionality. Specifically, users of Keynote ’11 will be able to create a presentation and stream it to the big screen via an Apple TV. This functionality will apparently also work from an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) to an Apple TV. This function will come in handy for many people as it could help alleviate the need of setting up projectors and annoying things along those lines.


Will the new Apple TV accept keynote presentation via iOS device or a Mac? If it will, I will go buy two at an apple store tonight.

Steve’s answer:

It’s all coming soon. Stay tuned.

AirPlay being a major feature in the upcoming iWork ’11 may also be the reason for the productivity-suite’s apparent delay. AirPlay functionaility is not even at full-force at the time of this writing and only works for audio/music streaming. Full AirPlay functionality should be coming as early as next week along with the long-awaited iOS 4.2 update which brings multitasking and many new features to the iPad.

There have been multiple reports in regards to the upcoming iWork ’11 update including the software being a Mac App Store exclusive and some hints about release dates. It would also make sense for Apple to update iWork for 64-bit compatibility but that still hasn’t happened for their iLife suite. Oh, and has been in beta since January 2009. Screenshot of the mail exchange is after the break:

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Ping comes to iPad

Apple today updated the backend of their iPad iTunes application to add Ping support. Ping support was added to the iPhone right around the iOS 4.1 launch so this means we’re close to the iOS 4.2 launch. The full Ping experience is present as a tab on the iPad iTunes app and it includes your feed, who you follow, who follows you, a look at your profile, and even a section dedicated to concerts.

The concerts section shows you local concerts, who is on tour, which concerts you say you are attending, and even links to purchase tickets at For those wondering, we don’t see Twitter integration.

Update: Ping for iPad automatically connects to your twitter account and automatically tweets every time you like or post something:

Check out the full gallery after the break:

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Grand Theft Auto comes to the Mac on November 22nd

Rockstar Games today announced that their lovely and *very kid friendly* Grand Theft Auto trilogy is finally makes its way to the Mac. The trilogy includes San Andreas (personal favorite), GTA III, and Vice City. This is what the company behind that game has to say:

“The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most highly demanded titles by the Mac community. The availability of this incredible franchise on the Mac underscores TransGaming’s role in transforming the overall Mac gaming market,” commented Vikas Gupta, President & CEO of TransGaming, in the press release. “These games will be widely available and will be a great catalyst to the increasing popularity of gaming on the Mac.”

The trilogy will be released in stores on November 22nd but you can already pre-order it at Amazon. It will make a great holiday gift for the folks who are “M for mature.”

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Forget Samsung's Tab — run Android on your iPad

COMPUTERWORLD: Apple makes such beautiful products. Take the iPad for example — it is magical, and with hot new competitor the Samsung Tab receiving destined-for-the-grave reviews, wouldn’t it be nice to run Android on an iPad, rather than spend your cash on Samsung’s not quite as good as an iPad tablet-thing.

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Apple looking for Mac App Store reviewers

We know Apple will have a lovely app review process for the Mac too and Apple has just started hiring the dudes and dudettes for the job. In order to get the job you have to be hardworking and ready to test some wonderful Mac applications. You also need to know how to use Mac OS X, which seems sort of obvious since its the Mac OS X App Store.

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations is seeking a software application specialist; someone who is meticulous, analytical, able to exercise objective analysis, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and has strong customer service skills.

Candidate needs to be able to organize and prioritize a heavy workload. The candidate must be hardworking, detail-oriented, and able to work quickly & efficiently. We˙re looking for a self-starter, a quick learner with excellent communication skills, who is able to work independently and as part of a team.

Experience with Mac OS X required.
Proficiency in written French, German or Japanese a plus.

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Free apps make big money on the App Store

There’s money in free. Please, bear with me, it may sound counter-intuitive, but why else are one-third of the top-grossing iPhone apps made available via the App Store free apps?

In-app purchasing has opened up new opportunities to developers to entice users with quality apps for free (the carrot) and then to upsale new features, layers, levels or any other conceivable kind of virtual good (I bought an obelisk once) via in-app purchasing, GigaOm tells us. Read more