greenpois0n iOS jailbreak tool introduced

Move over Limera1n, there’s a new iOS 4.1 Jailbreak tool in town, and this one’s greenpois0n — though at time of writing it seems a little uncertain if the tool is available or not.

Released for Windows and Linux systems following a short delay last night, the tool supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the third and forth generation iPod touch, and the iPad. It doesn’t yet support the current Apple TV, and a Mac version is promised somewhere down the line. Read more

Amazon updates their iPhone app to do barcodes

The Amazon iPhone App (doesn’t work on anything but iPhone 3GS or 4) got a little update today that will let users scan barcodes and instantly compare prices at Amazon.  For instance, you are at a store buying a lamp and want to see if Amazon has a better price, you’d point your iPhone at the barcode and a few seconds later (literally takes 2 seconds) you’d see the Amazon price with the option to buy.  Bam!

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Wired and New Yorker iPad mags easily hacked?

The Huffington Post has this:

All a moderately-skilled iPad user has to do is connect the iPad to his laptop, search inside the iPad files with a common managing software (we used iPhone Explorer), copy the .plist file that manage the download information and correct a single field. This boils down to changing a single word: Where it says “purchasable” you write “viewable” instead, and copy back the file on the iPad. Now all you need to do is click on “delete” the magazine issue on the iPad app and a “download” button will appear instead of the “buy” button. It means you can download the magazine for free.

If true, someone needs to work on their security.  Who?

Adobe manages Condé Nast iPad apps — wrote us they are “very concerned by piracy issues”. “”We have confirmed that it is possible for experienced users with detailed instructions to access some digital publications on the iPad that have not been purchased. We are working on a fix and expect to deliver a new version of our Digital Content Viewer to publishers on Friday, October 8″, an Adobe sposkesperson said.

Yeah, according to the Huffington Post, the  hole is still open.  Italian papers are also affected. Read more

Japanese gaming firm buys 'iFunded' ngmoco for $403 million

This hasn’t taken long: recall one of the early winners of funding from the infamous ‘iFund’ venture capital stash designed to boost Apps development? It was ngmoco, of course, and now that hugely succesful company is set to be acquired by Japanese social games network, DeNA Co.

The $403 million purchase follows August’s news that Google Ventures invested $5 million in the developer. Read more

3G Video Calling comes to Yahoo Messenger app

Late last week we told you that Yahoo would be updating their Yahoo Messenger app to include 3G video calling. The neat thing about their video calling is that it works between computers and phones too.

Smartphones with front-facing cameras besides the iPhone are supported as well so a huge user base will be present for video calling. The update also includes iOS 4 multitasking and instant notifications. It’s free and get it here.

Update: Doesn’t appear to to work on iPod Touch

Jailbroken AppleTV might shed light on future of Apple computers

Original Mac Mini vs. new AppleTV

We’ve been able to verify that the Limera1n does work on AppleTVs (TUAW also) though no apps run on it and OpenSSH isn’t yet available. But soon, you’ll be able to punch though into your AppleTV box and have a pretty basic Unix machine with a command line interface and a significantly powerful GPU.

So what kind of computer do you get for $99 (and $64 for Apple’s N+1).

…or what fun toys does this have inside to exploit?  From the teardown we know it has Bluetooth and FM.   We also know from its specs that it has 10/100 Ethernet, Wifi N, USB and 720P HDMI video out (1280×720) which also carries digital audio.  Internally it has a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8, 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

With some significant hacking, these could make fantastic little DNS servers or Firewall/VPN/Routers.  It shouldn’t be too hard to turn an Ethernet wired AppleTV into an Airport base station for instance.  It might be a bit harder (or not) to turn it into a fantastic little NAS with the USB port on the back.  At $99/ea these are going to be great hacking toys.

But why stop there?   Read more

Yahoo Messenger app to allow iPhone to Computer video calling

FaceTime, one of the iPhone 4’s marquee features, already has some heated competition in the App Store. These apps include the popular Fring and most recently Tango video calling applications. Fring is popular for its large feature set, 3G video calling capabilities, and compatibility with other mobile phone. The recently launched “Tango” app is known for its ease of use as well as 3G video calling capabilities with other iPhones and smartphones. Today Reuters reports on some interesting information they learned regarding an upcoming Yahoo video calling application for the iPhone.

This Yahoo video calling application will be a free update to their already available Yahoo Messaging app on the App Store, and it has some surprises hidden up its sleeve. The updated application will not only work over WiFi and 3G, like Fring and Tango, but will allow for video calls between iPhones and computers running the desktop Yahoo Messenger application. This new app poses some serious competition to Apple’s built-in FaceTime feature as it not only allows for video calling over 3G but opens up the door for video calling with many more users.

Apple announced back at WWDC that FaceTime over 3G would be coming at some point in 2011 as they still have to work out terms with carriers, and from our tests 3G FaceTime works very well. Apple is rumored to be launching a desktop version of FaceTime that will be integrated into the Mac’s iChat application. This upcoming app from Yahoo is reportedly yet to be approved, and hopefully this helps serve as a push for Apple to bring FaceTime to the desktop, iChat to Windows, and FaceTime to more devices.

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Over $100K deposited via PayPal Check Capture in first 36 hours

PayPal today announced that their PayPal Check Capture service, via the iOS app, has deposited over $100,000 worth of checks in the app’s first 36 hours. PayPal’s Check Capture service came to the iPhone via a PayPal app update the other day. This service allows you to take a picture of the front and back of a check you want to deposit into your PayPal account and it will deposit it for you.

This new service for iPhone and iPod touch users is free, but PayPal takes a whole six days to process these mobile deposits.

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Meebo gets multitasking and retina

The popular Meebo instant messaging client for the iPhone and iPod touch got the long needed iOS 4 update. The usual suspects are now present such as multitasking/quick-app-swtiching support, Retina Display support, and iAds.

Meebo is yet to include an iPad version of their instant messaging client and hopefully they make some sort of paid version to get rid of this fantastic iAds.

GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak may launch Sunday at 10:10:10AM

Chronic dev team member, Joshua Hill, has tweeted the goods on GreenPois0n’s launch date. In case you didn’t read the title, the jailbreak for iOS 4.1 is coming this Sunday, Oct. 10, at 10:10:10 AM.

We still don’t really know anything about this jailbreak and hopefully it actually launches on time. Update: For iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th gen.

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