iTunes 12.2 update indicates new gold, dark blue, dark pink iPod nano, touch + shuffle colors

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.02.53 AM

Apple could be preparing to refresh its aging iPod lineup with new colors, according to a new image found inside of yesterday’s iTunes 12.2 update for Apple Music. With the new update, when a user plugs in an iPod for the first time, the above image showcasing a dark blue iPod touch, a gold iPod nano, and a dark pink iPod shuffle appear. None of those iPod color options currently exist, indicating that Apple could be preparing to refresh its line with those richer tones. Interestingly, the Touch lacks a hole for the camera loop.

It is possible that the image is simply a Photoshop error, which would not be unprecedented, but our look into the previous version of iTunes, version 12.1.2, indicates that the image is actually new, which means that it was intentionally designed. There is currently no indication as to if and when Apple is planning to release new iPod colors, but we are told that iPod nano and touch stock at Apple Stores is currently seeing some temporary shortages.

Update: We’ve now spotted new gold, dark blue, and dark pink tones for all iPods:

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New iPod codes and colors: 1136×640 display Touch is N78, Nano is N31, Shuffle is N12B, iPhone/iPod touch panorama mode?

Alongside the information we have already posted about the new iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle, we received possible code names for the devices. Like developer @chronic, we’re hearing that the new iPod touch has the internal codename of N78.

We also understand that the iPod nano is codenamed N31 and that the iPod shuffle is codenamed N12B. Like we posted last week, the new Shuffle and Nano will ship in 8 colors. We also understand that the new iPod touch will come in several variations, which we speculate points to colors other than black and white.

We previously reported that the new iPhone is codenamed N42. Like the new iPod touch, the new iPhone will include an 1136 x 640 Retina display, as we first reported in May.

With the iPad mini launching next month, many, including us, have wondered what would happen to the iPod touch price point. Even with an iPad mini en-route for a rumored $200-250 price point, our sources are saying that the iPod touch will stay at an entry-level price point at or around $200.

@Chronic is also saying that the new iPod touch will run a processor named S5L8942X which is similar to the AppleTV single core A5:

This processor codename seems to just be a couple of levels up over the 40X A5 processor we reported a few months ago (along with a bunch of minor specs). We assume Apple will refer to this new iPod touch processor as an A5, though.

@Chronic also tweeted that the new iPhone and iPod touch may include a new Panorama feature. Several references to Panorama were found in iOS 5 code last year, but the feature was never released. iMore recently hinted at this as well:

It’s not hard to imagine the iPhone 5 will once again include a camera demo, perhaps Phil Schiller showing off automagical new Panorama software, and other optical wonders.

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New Mac spec sheet leaks out, WWDC launch pricing and naming included

The image above represents the full pricing matrix for new devices expected to unveil in a few days at the Worldwide Developers Conference. You will notice the Mac Pros, Retina MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and iMacs that we discussed before at length.

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Cook: “iPod is still a large and important market for Apple”

Image via Engadget

Another tidbit regarding the iPod. Apple’s music player brand still holds a 78 percent market share a decade since its launch. Quite impressive. They sold over 300 million iPods to date. “It took Sony 30 years to sell 220 million Walkman cassette players,” Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked. We take it that means the iPod classic isn’t going away.

The iPod family of music players still have a lot to offer, he said, noting that nearly half of sales are from users who already own one. Apple shipped 45 million iPods from July of last year to June of this year. As for iTunes, the online music store now commands a 20 million songs-strong catalog. Remember, iTunes Store launched with just 200,000 songs.

Report: iPod shuffle and classic are goners

Happy 10th anniversary iPod! Now die!!!

In a story that mirrors the ‘Killing of the iPod’ speculation post we did a few weeks ago, TUAW posts that the iPod shuffle and classic are heading out to pasture as Apple focuses on the iPod touch and iPod nano.

If you want to buy an iPod shuffle or iPod classic from Apple, you should do it sooner rather than later. We’ve heard those two iPods are getting the axe this year.

The idea is that Apple wants to focus on touch screen devices that have some innovation left in them. Saving some serious time and effort, here is what we wrote two weeks ago:

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Of the new iPods, a Bluetooth, wearable nano is the one to watch

We’ve been hearing so much about the new iPhone 5 that it has all but drowned out any talk of the iPods, which are traditionally released at the September Apple event as well. There hasn’t been any definitive word, but I expect them to get an update as well before the holiday shopping season.

The new iPod touch will likely head in the same direction as the iPhone 5 – faster A5 processor and better backside camera (hopfully 3MP w/ autofocus?) etc. I don’t expect a lot of innovation on what is already a pretty incredible little device. Perhaps a $199 entry level price tag (a $30 drop – which we already see quite often) will be the marquee new spec.

The iPod classic wasn’t upgraded last year and wasn’t on the keynote slide (below) where Steve Jobs said “we’ve got All-new designs for every model” which kind of makes it feel dead to me.

You can still buy classics in their 2 year old form a year later but with iCloud kicking into gear, I think Apple’s chances of killing it this year are better than keeping it around. More awesome/unlikely would be giving it Wifi and turning out a big HDD wireless media hub like the Seagate GoFlex Satellite.

But where I think there will be real innovation, however, will be the iPod nano…

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