Apple 1 Stories June 4

AAPL: 155.45


Yet another functioning Apple-1 will hit the auction block later this month, but this machine offers a few unique characteristics that set it apart from other models that have also recently sold at auction. This particular Apple-1 is expected to fetch between $300,000 and $500,000…

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Apple 1 Stories May 21

AAPL: 153.06


Earlier this year, we told you about a functioning Apple-1 computer that would go up for auction in Germany on May 20th. As planned, the auction took place yesterday and brought in $130,000, far less than initial expectations…

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Apple 1 Stories March 14

AAPL: 138.99


Despite there being very few still in existence today, another Apple-1 computer is set to hit the auction block soon. As noted by The Telegraph, German auctioneer Team Breker will soon make a functioning Apple-1 available, estimating the machine will go for around $320,000.

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Apple 1 Stories October 16, 2013

Apple’s first warehouse was Steve Jobs’ bedroom as seen in this rare 1976 image

A recent auction of an Apple 1 computer has allowed an image to surface of 50 cardboard boxes containing early Apple computers from 1976 in a rare photo believed to be taken by Steve Jobs himself, according to The Daily MailSteve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, of course, built the first Apple computers together in Jobs’ parents home, and the photo depicts Jobs’ bedroom at the time. The company behind the iPhone and iPad has certainly come a long way.

Check below for a photo of exactly what was inside those boxes:

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