Apple I Stories October 25, 2019

We usually see a couple of functioning Apple-1 computers up for sale each year and they usually net around $300,000-$600,000 depending on the condition and included accessories, manuals, software, etc. Now the latest working Apple-1 has gone up for sale with a steep price close to $2 million.

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Apple I Stories September 26, 2018

Latest working Apple I computer sells for $375k alongside items signed by Steve Jobs

The latest original Apple 1 computer – one of 200 original models built and marketed by the two Steves – has sold at auction for $375k, following pre-auction estimates of $300-600k

Apple I Stories June 6, 2018

CharityBuzz offers working Apple 1 for online auction, bids start at $70k [U]

UPDATE 6/21: Apple 1 sold for $210,000.

If you have deep pockets a taste for nostalgia, there’s another opportunity to bid for one of the few remaining Apple 1 computers still in working order …

Apple I Stories March 6, 2018

Last week, we told you about collector and former Microsoft Program Manger Jimmy Grewal’s mission to restore his recently acquired Apple I board to working condition. After rigorous testing and cleaning, Grewal and his team have fully revived the system and documented the restoration process in a new video.

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Apple I Stories February 28, 2018

A collector of vintage Apple computers is attempting to restore a non-functional Apple I to full working order, and is documenting the process on Twitter …

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Apple I Stories August 21, 2017

Another working Apple I being auctioned on CharityBuzz, with interesting history & extras

Despite there being only a handful of Apple I computers still in working order, they do seem to come up for sale with surprising frequency. The latest one, due to be auctioned next month, has an interesting history and extras …

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