Audible Stories August 24, 2020

Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon, today announced a new, cheaper subscription plan that offers exclusive podcasts and other audio content for just $7.95 per month. Audible Plus has over 68,000 hours of content from over 11,000 original productions that can be accessed by its subscribers.

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Audible Stories September 19, 2018

Audible updates iOS app with support for offline audiobook playback on Apple Watch

With the release of iOS 12 and watchOS 5 earlier this week, developers are hard at work updating their apps to support the new features. Specifically for watchOS, developers of major third-party audio playing apps are now updating their apps to allow playback without the need of your iPhone. Joining that club today is Audible.

Apple Watch: How to sync audiobooks with Audible

The recently released Audible app for Apple Watch now lets users sync audiobooks to the Apple Watch for offline playback. This means you can sync audiobooks to the Apple Watch, and then play it back without the need of your iPhone.

Audible Stories March 20, 2018

Sonos announced today via its blog that it will be supporting the Amazon-based audiobook service Audible on its platform.

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Audible Stories November 1, 2017

Audible offers unlimited access to romance novels, with ‘jump to the good parts’ feature, may bring to other genres

Audiobook company Audible is today launching a new ‘all you can eat’ subscription to romance novels. Along with this new offering is a ‘jump to the good parts’ feature that was built with machine learning, which may come to other genres in the future.

Audible Stories January 19, 2017


When the long-running antitrust case against Apple over ebook price-fixing was finally settled last year, one chapter ended and a new one began – this time in Europe. German regulators objected to Apple agreeing an exclusive deal with Amazon-owned Audible for the supply of audiobooks, stating that this reduced competition and thus harmed consumers …

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