ECG Stories Yesterday

It’s clear that Apple has been serious about health over the past several years, especially with devices such as the Apple Watch literally saving lives. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been fairly public about the company wanting to change the world with its health initiatives. Today, Apple VP of Health Dr. Sumbul Desai sat down with MobiHealthNews to talk more about Apple’s foray into health.

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ECG Stories January 9

In an interview with CNBC today, the Mayo Clinic’s chair of cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Paul Friedman shared that they have seen promising results using AI to detect an often symptom-less heart defect. It’s called asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction, which means a weak heart pump. In Mayo Clinic’s studies, they are using AI to read ECGs and finding impressive results identifying weak heart pumps and even predicting individuals who will be at risk in the future.

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ECG Stories January 8

A new report from The Verge takes a look into some concerns about the Apple Watch ECG feature from two doctors. They believe that more data isn’t necessarily better, and explain how they think the ECG app could cause problems for healthy Apple Watch users as well as the healthcare system.

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ECG Stories January 6

Withings has unveiled a trio of new products tonight at CES. We’ve got new a 3-in-1 health device called BPM Core that can take blood pressure, ECGs (electrocardiograms), and also be used as a stethoscope. Withings has also introduced Move ECG, the first analog smartwatch to offer ECGs, and a new affordable smartwatch collection called Move.

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ECG Stories December 7, 2018

Apple released watchOS 5.1.2 yesterday, and with it was the much-anticipated ECG app. While most were excited to try it out and saw a normal sinus rhythm, some weren’t so lucky. A new report from one user describes how his surprising ECG results may have saved his life.

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ECG Stories December 6, 2018

How to share ECG results with your doctor

watchOS 5.1.2 includes the much-anticipated ECG app for Apple Watch. With it, you’re able to take an electrocardiogram and send it to your doctor. This is especially crucial if the ECG results show that you may potentially have atrial fibrillation. Follow along to learn how to share ECG results with your doctor.

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