Moment Stories March 29

Moment is expanding its MagSafe-compatible accessory lineup today with three new products and an update for two existing ones. Headlining the launch is the company’s new Mobile Filmmaker Cage for MagSafe designed for customization while the Strap Anywhere Mount and Stick-on Adapter bring more versatility to iPhone and MagSafe.

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Moment Stories March 10, 2021

Moment showed off its new MagSafe accessory collection for photographers and videographers last fall and now the collection is becoming available. The new MagSafe lineup ranges from iPhone 12 cases, tripod and wall mounts, to cold shoe and multi threaded mounts.

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Moment Stories November 17, 2020

Popular camera hardware and software maker Moment launched its RTRO iPhone app early in 2020 with a focus on creating vintage video and seamless social media sharing. Now the app has received a neat update that brings individually unique “Instant Film” photos to your iPhone based on Moment’s Analog Effects Engine.

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Moment Stories November 2, 2020

Apple has launched a few of its MagSafe accessories for its four new iPhone 12 models including cases, a wallet, and the first charger. And third-parties are quickly developing even more great options to take advantage of the magnetic mounting system. Now Moment is showing off its diverse lineup of MagSafe compatible accessories in the works with options like cold shoe and multi threaded mounts, tripod and pro tripod mounts, wall mount, new cases, and more.

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Moment Stories March 26, 2020

Moment Pro Camera iOS app gets big update to shoot next-level time-lapses

Moment is out today with a great update to its Pro Camera app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The headline change is a pro-level time-lapse feature that comes with granular control over interval and frame count, duration, exposure bracketing, the ability to include motion blur/light trails, and more.

Moment Stories February 25, 2020

Moment, the company behind the popular external lenses and the Moment Pro Camera app is out today with a new app focused on making shooting vintage-inspired video fun and easy to share on social media. RTRO includes a simple and intuitive UI with unique retro filters that each has “a historical reference in mind and brought forward to a more modern style.”

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Moment Stories February 5, 2020

Nomad has announced its latest line of leather cases for iPhone 11. This time, the focus is on the camera, with Nomad designing cases that are fully compatible with the popular Moment lenses for iPhone 11. This gives Moment lens users another choice when shopping for Moment-compatible cases.

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Moment Stories August 21, 2019

Moment launches 37mm Cine Filters for iPhone and Android devices

Moment is out today with a few new products to improve your iPhone or Android photography. The latest hardware offerings from the company include two 37mm Cine Filters and a filter mount that can be used without an external lens.

Moment Stories July 3, 2019

Moment is bringing a new slow shutter mode to its Pro Camera iOS app to allow users to get creative with long exposure shots in a variety of ways. The new mode will save long exposures as Live Photos with options to export them as stills or short videos.

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Moment Stories May 1, 2019

Moment Pro Camera app for iOS gains advanced features with zebra stripes and focus peaking

Moment, maker of mobile photography/videography hardware and software, has released an update to its Pro Camera iOS app. The two major new features arriving for iPhone are focus peaking and zebra stripes for exposure.

Moment Stories December 11, 2018

Moment Pro camera app brings big video upgrades with multiple color profiles, real-time waveform Monitor, video RGB histogram, more

Moment is out with a new update to its Pro Camera with a host of great new features for videographers. Included in the latest iOS version are multiple color profiles, a real-time waveform monitor, video RGB histogram, dual-channel audio meters, and more.

Moment Stories November 23, 2018

Moment announced its new MFi certified Battery Case for iPhone earlier this fall while a new Telephoto lens has just joined the company’s lineup of products to improve your iPhone photography. Read on for our full review on Moment’s sharp case and lens system.

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Moment Stories September 12, 2018

[Update: Even though the Xs and X share same dimensions, the company is waiting to test their Battery Photo Case with iPhone Xs as part of the MFi certification process. Once that is complete they will let customers know if the case is officially compatible.]

Moment has released its Battery Photo Case for iPhone X that includes a variety of notable features. In addition to seamless compatibility with the company’s high-quality lenses, it’s the first MFi battery case for X, features a Lightning port, wireless charging, two-stage shutter button, and more.

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Moment Stories February 7, 2017

Moment Battery Photo Case with new Wide Lens

The team behind Moment has announced a new Kickstarter campaign today to help launch three new products. Moment has a long history of using Kickstarter to fund their projects going back to 2014 when they launched their original lenses, and then eventually their Moment Case in 2015. Today’s new campaign includes an update to their now classic lens alongside two new cases for iPhone users.

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Moment Stories June 6, 2013

When Mountain Lion launched last year, Apple introduced some basic Facebook sharing options to OS X. You can post a status update from Notification Center or upload a photo from Finder, Preview, iPhoto, or other Mac applications. While those functions are useful, Apple has yet to really embrace all of Facebook’s features. For example, you can’t tag a friend in a status update or create a new photo album, and the notification integration, while nice, is a bit unreliable.

Today, Tapmates released Moment, a new app that bridges the gap between OS X’s Facebook integration and the features you’re already used to on the Facebook website. Keep reading for our full review.

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