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Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, Apple kicked off the IPO of its stock in December of 1980 on the NASDAQ market, with the stock symbol “AAPL”. Here is a brief summary from NASDAQ:

Apple (ticker symbol: AAPL) is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics and personal computer companies. The Cupertino, California-based company was established in 1977 as Apple Computer Inc. It dropped the “Computer” from its name in early 2007.

Apple has remained focused on developing its own hardware, software, operating systems and services to provide its customers with the best user experience possible. A significant fraction of the company’s efforts also go toward marketing and advertising as it believes such efforts are essential to the development and sale of its products.

Despite Apple’s market-leading position, the company still faces a number of risk factors, which include changing global economic conditions, fluctuating consumer demand, worldwide-competition and potential supply chain disruptions.

Read more about Apple’s financial details and history on NASDAQ’s and CNN’s websites.

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AAPL: 152.54

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AAPL: 155.47

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AAPL: 155.70

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Apple’s original content and video efforts have been described as scattered at best in earlier reports, but now it looks like the company is trying to do something about that. According to a new report from The Information, Apple is currently in the process of searching for a programming chief to spearhead its video efforts…

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AAPL Company Stories May 13

AAPL: 156.10

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According to a report today out of TechCrunch, Apple has acquired Lattice Data, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence where it relates to so-called “dark data.” The report explains that the deal was closed a few weeks ago, with 20 or so engineers from Lattice Data joining Apple.

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This week, Apple announced that it would be investing $200 million in glass supplier Corning as part of its new Advanced Manufacturing Fund. While the investment may seem straightforward on the surface, invest in a glass company for screens, analysts believe that it actually goes much deeper than that…

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