Podcast of the Week Stories August 1

Podcast of the Week: Live! From Tomorrow

Live! From Tomorrow is a new musical comedy about innovation in tech and business. The unique aspect of it is that it’s a podcast. It’s produced in the style of a cast album, and it combines studio recordings with live performances and interviews. It contains five episodes over two acts. During the show, Matt Hooper launches a variety show from a local coffee shop.

Podcast of the Week Stories July 25

Podcast of the Week: Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants season one was a very interesting look at how Amazon is impacting our daily lives. Season 2 is now underway, and it’s looking at Netflix.

Podcast of the Week Stories July 18

Podcast of the Week: Treasure Island 2020

Kid-focused podcasts are a fun way to pass the time during summer travel, and one of my favorite new ones is Treasure Island 2020. Sam Payne, a host at BYUradio and producer of the show, called it a “reimagining” of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1883 “Treasure Island.”

Podcast of the Week Stories July 11

Podcast of the Week: California City

A few weeks ago, my family and I were coming home from vacation, so I was looking for a new podcast to enjoy during the six-hour drive home. Thankfully, I had an early release of California City to pass the time.

Podcast of the Week Stories July 4

Podcast of the Week: Missing in Alaska

One of the aspects of Apple Podcasts that I really think is better than any other podcast app is the Browse section. I look at it on a weekly basis to see what’s new, trending, etc. I was recently looking at the top podcast list and came across Missing in Alaska.

Podcast of the Week Stories June 27

Podcast of the Week: Watch What Crappens

I know that if you are reading the title, you are probably wondering why I might think 9to5Mac readers would like this show. I want to bring it up because of what it means to the podcast ecosystem.

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