Strava Stories August 31, 2021

Strava iOS fitness app brings ‘Beacon’ location sharing feature to all users

Strava first launched its premium location sharing feature called Beacon back in 2016 with standalone Apple Watch support arriving in 2019. Now the feature is available to all users, not just paid subscribers.

Strava Stories October 2, 2020

Strava fitness app for iPhone upgrades workout visualizations with new ‘statmaps’ feature

Strava, the popular fitness tracker for iPhone, Apple Watch, and more has launched a new feature to offer improved workout visualizations. The new “statmaps” bring color-coding to your workout maps for data including speed, elevation, pace, heart rate, power, and time.

Strava Stories August 18, 2020

Strava fitness app for iPhone expands goals feature to any activity, more

Strava may be best known for tracking cycling, running, and swimming but it’s able to track over 30 fitness activities. Now users can create goals based on any of the activity categories, including elevation and monthly goals.

Strava Stories June 10, 2020

Strava fitness app launches ‘Local Legends’ leaderboard based on consistency and commitment

Popular fitness tracking app Strava is out today with a neat update called Local Legends. The feature marks a shift from ranking users based on speed to rating them on exercise consistency and commitment.

Strava Stories December 9, 2019

Some users report iPhone 11 GPS tracking problems, Strava says Apple issue

There are scattered reports of iPhone 11 GPS tracking problems, some users reporting the issue affecting the exercise tracking app Strava, while others say is it also impacting other apps, like Waze

Strava Stories September 19, 2019

Strava workout tracker gains ‘Perceived Exertion’ and ‘Fitness’ features for iOS and Android

Popular run, ride, and swim tracking app, Strava, is out today with two new features to help athletes better track their progress over time. Perceived Exertion and Fitness work together to offer insight on how rest and increased training are impacting a user’s overall fitness.

Strava Stories July 9, 2019

Strava’s location sharing feature ‘Beacon’ now works on Apple Watch without iPhones

Popular activity tracking app, Strava, is out today with an improvement to its Beacon location sharing feature for Apple Watch users. Previously, Strava required an iPhone to share your location with others via Beacon, but now cellular Apple Watch owners can leave their phones at home for runs, rides, and other exercise.

Strava Stories February 5, 2019

Strava expands to include ski and snowboard tracking with Slopes iOS app integration

Strava is out today with news about its latest integration to help users track even more activities. The popular social fitness app has partnered with the great iOS app Slopes to bring seamless ski and snowboard tracking to Strava users.

Strava Stories August 20, 2018

Strava and MINDBODY team up to integrate fitness class booking with athlete feeds

On the heels of launching new flexible paid tiers earlier this month, fitness app Strava has announced that its newest Gym & Studio Sync partner is MINDBODY. The new integration will let users track and analyze indoor fitness activity across more than 5 millions fitness classes.

Strava Stories August 7, 2018

The Pentagon has banned deployed military personnel from using smartphones, smart watches fitness trackers and apps with geolocation enabled.

The move was made in response to a serious security risk identified in January, when publicly available Strava data was found to reveal both the locations and layouts of US military bases in countries like Syria and Afghanistan …

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Strava Stories August 1, 2018

Strava fitness app launches ‘Summit’ flexible paid tiers with training, safety, and analysis packs

Strava, the popular activity app for tracking workouts and competing with other athletes has launched an all new paid tier today. Replacing Stava Premium is “Summit” and it offers the option to buy individual upgrade packs at a lower price or subscribe to a bundle.

Strava Stories January 29, 2018

Locations and digital maps of U.S. military bases overseas given away by Strava data

The locations and layouts of U.S. military bases in countries like Syria and Afghanistan have been revealed by Strava heatmaps …

Strava Stories September 19, 2017

If you enjoy reviewing your cycle rides, runs or hikes in Strava, a new app lets you do this in augmented reality.

Fitness AR projects a 3D terrain map of your path onto a table-top, and allows you to walk around it, viewing it from different angles, as well as move in close to check out details …

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Strava Stories April 18, 2017

Strava for iPhone now features running & cycling Club Events

Strava has a new version of its iPhone app out that includes a major new feature just in time for warmer weather: access to Club Events for runners and cyclists without using the web.

Strava Stories August 4, 2016

Strava app adds Find Friends-style Beacon feature for Premium users [Video]

If you’re one of those people concerned that you may end up in a ditch with a broken leg while running or cycling, Strava has a new peace-of-mind feature for you. Known as Beacon, it effectively offers Find Friends type functionality to allow family or friends to track your location as you exercise.

Strava Stories June 4, 2014


Whenever Apple introduces a new feature baked into iOS that was previously a domain ruled by third-party apps like its new HealthKit platform and Health app in iOS 8, questions inevitably come up about how it will impact other developers and competing platforms. That’s why we were interested in finding out how some of the top fitness and health app developers and accessory makers are reacting to Apple’s HealthKit announcement.

We reached out to some of the big names in the health and fitness app world, as well as companies like Withings and iHealth that sell iOS-connected health and medical accessories such as blood pressure monitors through Apple stores. Not only did all of the companies we spoke with— RunKeeper, Withings, Strava, and iHealth— confirm they are already planning integration with their ecosystems, they also talked about how having one central location for users to manage health and fitness data will indeed be a good thing for the business.

RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs told me he’s excited that Apple is bringing “some of the other key players in the ecosystem (doctors, EMRs, etc) into the discussion” and confirmed both his RunKeeper and Breeze app will soon support Healthkit. Others are also excited for integration with the medical industry that currently uses a highly fragmented record keeping system for health data.

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Strava Stories February 13, 2014


The gadgetization of fitness has been a significant trend over the course of the past year. The wrists of anyone even vaguely into sports or exercise were suddenly adorned with the Nike Fuel Band, and our Facebook feeds full of RunKeeper and Strava reports of just how far our friends had jogged and cycled.

It seems pretty clear by this point that the iWatch will, when it appears, have a major focus on health and fitness. We don’t yet know exactly what it will measure, but I argued in an earlier opinion piece that it’s likely to measure more than any one of the devices currently available.

Will the old adage of ‘What gets measured gets managed’ apply, with all this data leading us to exercise more, eat more healthily and generally up our game fitness-wise? Or will it be a novelty that quickly wears off, with owners reverting to life as usual within a few weeks … ?  expand full story

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