Strava Stories October 2, 2020

Strava fitness app for iPhone upgrades workout visualizations with new ‘statmaps’ feature

Strava, the popular fitness tracker for iPhone, Apple Watch, and more has launched a new feature to offer improved workout visualizations. The new “statmaps” bring color-coding to your workout maps for data including speed, elevation, pace, heart rate, power, and time.

Strava Stories August 18, 2020

Strava fitness app for iPhone expands goals feature to any activity, more

Strava may be best known for tracking cycling, running, and swimming but it’s able to track over 30 fitness activities. Now users can create goals based on any of the activity categories, including elevation and monthly goals.

Strava Stories June 10, 2020

Strava fitness app launches ‘Local Legends’ leaderboard based on consistency and commitment

Popular fitness tracking app Strava is out today with a neat update called Local Legends. The feature marks a shift from ranking users based on speed to rating them on exercise consistency and commitment.

Strava Stories December 9, 2019

Some users report iPhone 11 GPS tracking problems, Strava says Apple issue

There are scattered reports of iPhone 11 GPS tracking problems, some users reporting the issue affecting the exercise tracking app Strava, while others say is it also impacting other apps, like Waze

Strava Stories September 19, 2019

Strava workout tracker gains ‘Perceived Exertion’ and ‘Fitness’ features for iOS and Android

Popular run, ride, and swim tracking app, Strava, is out today with two new features to help athletes better track their progress over time. Perceived Exertion and Fitness work together to offer insight on how rest and increased training are impacting a user’s overall fitness.

Strava Stories July 9, 2019

Strava’s location sharing feature ‘Beacon’ now works on Apple Watch without iPhones

Popular activity tracking app, Strava, is out today with an improvement to its Beacon location sharing feature for Apple Watch users. Previously, Strava required an iPhone to share your location with others via Beacon, but now cellular Apple Watch owners can leave their phones at home for runs, rides, and other exercise.

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