Three Danes re-imagine good ol’ email with Persona

Remember Google Wave, the search giant’s ill-fated attempt at re-imagining good ol’ email communication? The service was famously pulled due to lack of interest, but that didn’t stop others from figuring out better ways to handle email. This right here could be the solution we’ve been yearning for. Marco Triverio, an interaction designer at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, teamed up with his colleagues Ali Seçkin Karayol and Harsha Vardhan on a project dubbed Persona.

In a nutshell, Persona is their take on reinventing an email client that is “both Personal and has personality”, as the tagline says. Be that as it may, Persona has definitely gotten us excited with its focus on simplicity and on the human touch. Per description on their Vimeo page:

Persona is an email client that was designed to change the perception and experience of sending and receiving emails by focusing on People, the Conversations between them and the Knowledge shared in emails today. This is a reaction to the paradigm of emails presented in spread-sheets seen with most email clients, where a focus on presenting data prevails over the need for a personal touch.

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Developers can now submit Mac App Store apps for OS X Lion

Apple has opened the door today for developers to submit OS X Lion applications for inclusion on the Mac App Store. These applications should be tested against the Golden Master seeds of both OS X Lion and Xcode 4.1. Mac OS X Lion is expected to ship later this week alongside new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.

OS X Lion, the eighth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system, will soon be available to millions of Mac users around the world. Submit your Lion apps for review now so they can be on the Mac App Store when Lion ships this month. Be sure to build, test, and compile your apps using Mac OS X Lion GM Seed and Xcode 4.1 for Lion GM seed prior to uploading your binary to iTunes Connect.

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Swype on iOS? Only if you are jailbroken

iPhone Download Blog posts a nice video of Swype on Jailbroken iOS

Swype is a keyboard system for touch mobile devices that enables users to type faster in some instances because it doesn’t require as much ‘tapping’. Apple has shown little interest in putting Swype on iOS devices however.

That’s where the jailbreaking community comes in.  Andrew Liu (@WyndWarrior) is working on porting Swype to iOS. With the recent, making it incredibly easy to jailbreak your phone, many others will try it (remember it is in beta).

If you are the adventurous type:

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Apple issues App Store stats: 425,000 apps, 15B downloads, $3.6B revenue

Apple this morning announced that its venerable App Store has hit fifteen billion downloads, matching the number of song downloads on the iTunes Store as of last month. The company re-iterated that it has paid developers over $2.5 billion cumulatively since the App Store’s inception. This is after Apple’s standard 30 percent cut, meaning total App Store revenue before the break-down is almost $3.6 billion in aggregate.

Apple also said it sold over two hundred million iOS devices (iPhones, iPod touches and iPads). Unfortunately, the company wouldn’t say how many of those are devices in active use. The number of apps on the App Store has swelled to 425,000 items, of which a hundred thousand are native iPad apps – but we already figured out the iPad App Store. The App Store now operates in ninety countries worldwide, Apple notes. The company quoted its marketing honcho in a statement:

In just three years, the revolutionary App Store has grown to become the most exciting and successful software marketplace the world has ever seen. Thank you to all of our amazing developers who have filled it with over 425,000 of the coolest apps and to our over 200 million iOS users for surpassing 15 billion downloads. 

Apple in May actually approved 500,000 apps in total, but the store contains less apps because of withdrawals, replacements and so forth. Google confirmed at their developer conference in May that Android Market is approaching the 200,000 apps mark, having topped four and a half billion downloads since the store launched on October 22, 2008. Check out a one-minute clip showing off the App Store wall Apple installed at last year’s WWDC which depicts software downloads in real-time.

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JailBreakMe 3.0 browser-based jailbreak arrives for iOS 4.3.3 (iPad 2 included!)

The infamous browser-based jailbreak service, has officially returned in its full glory. The jailbreak, which was leaked this past weekend, promises to hack any iOS 4.3.3 (iPad 2 included!) device with the touch of a button in iOS Safari. Head to to try it out. As with all methods of jailbreaking, you are at your own risk.

Thanks, Kris and Sonny!

Update: Video, courtesy of iPhone Download Blog, of the jailbreak process is after the break; check it!

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Bing for iPad obsoletes iOS copy and paste with Lasso

Well, not quite obsolete but sure enough Microsoft is issuing a challenge to Apple’s trademark gesturing with a new search shortcut called Lasso. Instead of holding your finger on a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and painstakingly dragging little blue dots to select the beginning and end of your selection, the Lasso tool has you draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection.

Bing group program manager Tony Chor says the Apple method requires up to nine steps versus simply drawing an arbitrary shape in the case of the updated Bing for iPad app, which hits the App Store later today. From the usability point of view, Microsoft’s Lasso beats the Safari search box anytime, especially the tedious process of copying and pasting a text selection,  if you ask us…

via CNET

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