Netflix beats iTunes to TV streaming for iPhone

Netflix has launched its free app for iPhone and iPod touch, allowing members (on plans starting from $8.99/month) to instantly watch TV episodes and movies streamed to their devices.  Notice on the screen shot above it is working beautifully over AT&T’s 3G without any pixel-izing.  That might be good for those grandfathered into real unlimited plans.

Oh, this might work on an iTV as well ;) Read more

Orange plans iPad competitor, but Apple needn't worry says iSuppli

Orange has channeled some of its iPhone profits into creating products designed to compete with the iPad, but Apple needn’t worry as analysts expect it will dominate the tablet market all the way to 2012.

A French report in Les Echos tells us Orange is preparing to introduce its own tablet device at a price under half that charged by Apple for the iPad. Read more

iTunes Connect Payment site gets refined

Apple today announced an update to their iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reporting website. The new site was re-built from scratch in order to provide developers with an easier gateway to information about their payments. The new interface is what Apple calls a “dashboard” setup and features a cleaner layout with four main tabs: Summary, Earnings, Owed, and Payments.

Summary as you can see above provides developers with a full glance at all payment information with large bar and line graphs. The earnings tab provides an in-depth look at payments per region as well as how many units were sold each month per region. The owed tab (surely a fan-favorite) shows how much money you are owed per region and the Payments tab lists which of the financial reports actually get paid to you for a certain month.

Doodle Jump goes Retina

Everyone’s favorite (okay my favorite) iOS game finally got the much needed iPhone 4 Retina Display treatment. The developers, Lima Sky, apparently couldn’t wait to get this update out the door, so only the three most popular (arguably) levels got Retina-ready graphics. The update is a free standard update, and hey, Lima Sky, where’s the iPad version?!


Yahoo Mail goes HTML5 for iPad

Yahoo has introduced an all-new and improved HTML5-optimized version of Yahoo Mail for the iPad, delivering a faster and easier to organise solution when it did.

“If you’ve used our recently launched HTML5 mobile Web mail for iPhone you’ll feel right at home,” writes Lee Parry, product manager for Yahoo Mail. “We’ve kept all the things users love about our new mobile Web mail experience, while also optimizing for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad.”

If you