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T-Mobile is the 3rd largest U.S. wireless carrier behind Verizon and AT&T. Owned by German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile has been using its “Uncarrier” marketing campaign to grow its market share since 2013.

With what seems like a good amount of success over the past few years, T-Mobile continues to announce new initiatives like discounted plans for seniors, Netflix included with service, and pushing competitors to bring back unlimited data plans.

As of April 29, 2018, T-Mobile has joined forces with Sprint and will now be re-branded to simply T-Mobile, with the Sprint brand completely going away.

T-Mobile Stories August 3

Unlocking T-Mobile phones using stolen credentials netted $25M

A former cellphone store owner made an estimated $25M by unlocking T-Mobile phones using stolen credentials. He now faces a possible prison sentence of up to 165 years …

T-Mobile Stories August 1

5G home internet competition in the US is heating up and providers like T-Mobile and Verizon are offering some big incentives to attract customers. Follow along for speed, pricing, and fine details for each provider in our 5G home internet comparison.

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T-Mobile Stories July 27

Opensignal is out with its latest report and it’s an interesting one. All of the major carriers tout their fastest flavor of 5G with a different marketing name. For T-Mobile its UC (Ultra Capacity), Verizon uses UWB (Ultra Wideband), and AT&T calls it 5G+. Now Opensignal has quantified how often these enhanced 5G connections are available, how fast they are, and more.

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T-Mobile Stories July 21

T-Mobile has launched its newest unlimited plan today, Ultimate+ for iPhone that’s focused on small businesses. Notably, the plan features a service that no other carrier includes at the moment: the new Apple Business Essentials plan that features device management, 24/7 Apple support, and iCloud storage.

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T-Mobile Stories July 19

Ready to check out your options for phone carriers? While prices have increased for some of the major carriers this year, the market competition is strong which means compelling offers for those who switch. Read along for a look at the best phone carriers in the US. We’ll cover Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T as well as some of the best affordable iPhone plans from smaller carriers. This guide will also detail how to find real-world coverage maps, how to test a new carrier for free instantly with eSIM, and more.

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T-Mobile Stories July 18

Ookla is out with its latest report for mobile and fixed broadband Internet speeds in the US. Continuing a string of wins, T-Mobile came in first for best mobile performance with download speeds almost 2x faster than AT&T and Verizon along with having the strongest consistency and 5G availability. For fixed broadband, COX beat out XFINITY for the fastest download speeds.

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T-Mobile Stories July 15

J.D. Power is out with its latest report on quality performance for wireless networks in the US. For the second study this year, Verizon took top honors for the best quality network performance. Read on for how each carrier ranked in the six US regions.

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T-Mobile Stories July 12

Opensignal is out today with its latest in-depth report on 5G. T-Mobile continues to lead the pack when it comes to 5G download/upload speeds, availability, and reach. Meanwhile, Verizon did repeat its wins for the 5G Voice app and Games experiences in the latest report.

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T-Mobile Stories June 30

T-Mobile expanded its 5G Home Internet coverage from 30 to 40 million US homes back in April and launched its “Internet Freedom” initiative in May. Now the Uncarrier is out with the news that its 5G Home Internet has expanded to 81 new cities across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

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T-Mobile Stories June 27

T-Mobile is ramping up its efforts to cash in on the lucrative advertising business. The carrier has officially launched its new “App Insights” program after more than a year in beta. App Insights allows marketers to buy user data directly from T-Mobile, with a particular emphasis on data showing which apps you have on your phone and which apps you regularly use.

Thanks to Apple’s strict privacy requirements, however, iPhone users are (mostly) protected from this…

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T-Mobile Stories June 21

Every year, PCMag does a pretty impressive and in-depth test to crown the Best Mobile Network for consumers. This year, testers drove 10,000 miles across the country to get a full picture of the current state of T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T networks. The results show that T-Mobile is continuing to out-perform AT&T and Verizon thanks to its combination of download and upload speeds as well as reliability.

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T-Mobile Stories June 16

During its latest Uncarrier event today, T-Mobile has announced its latest initiative to offer more value to customers. With a range of new travel focused benefits, T-Mobile users are getting free high-speed worldwide data, free in-flight data with major airlines, a free year of AAA membership, $0.25 off gas per gallon at Shell, and a hub to book travel at up to 40% off.

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T-Mobile Stories June 14

T-Mobile is looking to break the conception that gigabit 5G speeds require the difficult to deploy mmWave spectrum. In what the company says is a “global first” it has successfully reached 3 Gbps speeds with a Samsung Galaxy S22 in a production network test.

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T-Mobile Stories May 31

Update: T-Mobile says the outage is caused by a commercial power outage and it is working to restore service. The full statement:

A commercial power outage earlier today has caused intermittent impacts to some voice calls, data and messaging in parts of the Northeast. Our teams will continue working on full service restoration.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer currently experiencing issues with your cellular service, you’re not alone. A number of T-Mobile users have taken to Twitter and other social networks to complain that they are unable to send texts, make calls, and even use data in some instances. T-Mobile has yet to acknowledge the outage.

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T-Mobile Stories May 20

An apparent iPhone eSIM bug is randomly deactivating iMessage and FaceTime. In some cases, the only resolution appears to be to install a physical SIM.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman experienced the issue with T-Mobile, but others report they’ve experienced the same issue with other carriers …

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T-Mobile Stories May 4

It’s been just over a year since T-Mobile launched its 5G Home Internet and today the Uncarrier has announced a slew of updates to make the service more appealing than ever. From a free trial, up to $500 in early termination fee coverage, $50/month lifetime price lock, and even $50 off an Apple TV, T-Mobile is aiming to give customers the “freedom to switch” from their existing broadband provider.

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T-Mobile Stories April 22

T-Mobile has suffered another data breach, this time carried out by young hackers that were part of the LAPSUS$ group. While T-Mobile has said that no customer or government information was compromised, it appears LAPSUS$ gained access to T-Mobile’s source code repositories along with its customer account management system.

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T-Mobile Stories April 20

It’s been just over a year since T-Mobile launched its affordable 5G Home Internet and it appears it’s being adopted quickly. Along with the anniversary, the uncarrier announced the service is now available to 10 million additional households, making it accessible for a total of 40 million US homes.

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T-Mobile Stories April 18

Ookla is out with its latest report for mobile and fixed broadband Internet speeds in the US. Continuing a trend, T-Mobile won for best mobile performance across the board with speeds roughly 2x faster than AT&T and Verizon along with having the highest consistency and availability. Meanwhile, for fixed broadband, Verizon edged out XFINITY for the fastest service.

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T-Mobile Stories March 30

According to The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile is delaying its shutdown date for Sprint’s 3G network again. Originally scheduled for March 31, the new date is May 31. If true, this wouldn’t be the first delay. The carrier had planned to phase out the network in January but announced it would extend to the end of March due to issues with “partners.”

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T-Mobile Stories March 29

After deploying its C-band 5G coverage at the beginning of the year – including some controversy with the FAA – Verizon and AT&T are looking to catch up to T-Mobile. Now a new report from Opensignal shows how much of a difference the new mid-band 5G coverage has made for performance so far.

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T-Mobile Stories March 28

Update: Verizon spokesperson Richard Young commented on the situation in an email to The Verge: “Verizon is aware that bad actors are sending spam text messages to some customers which appear to come from the customers’ own number. Our team is actively working to block these messages, and we have engaged with US law enforcement to identify and stop the source of this fraudulent activity. Verizon continues to work on behalf of the customer to prevent spam texts and related activity.”

Recently, a slew of people have been receiving spam text messages about their carrier bill – myself included. The message, which says your bill has been paid, includes a link to “a little gift for you.” Most users have also reported the text message has been coming from their own personal phone number. 

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T-Mobile Stories March 21

T-Mobile has announced upgrades to its Connect prepaid plans today along with adding a totally new option at just $10/month. For those that are good without unlimited data and prefer a basic plan, the new offerings look compelling.

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T-Mobile Stories March 18

For customers looking to change providers from T-Mobile, there are about to be extra security measures in place. T-Mobile is adding a new security layer to its port-out process, requiring users to create a PIN. This feature is called Account Takeover Protection, and it aims to lessen the risk of fraud during this process.

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