Infinity Blade expected to ship Dec 9

Be happy, iGamers, as the Unreal engine-driven much-anticipated Infinity Blade game is rumored to be set to ship on December 9.

If you’ve been watching you’ll know this is the game Apple showed us during a keynote presentation with Epic Games folks invited to share stage time with Jobs. And the audience oohed and ahhed at those hot, hot graphics. Read more

Apple TV Hacks: Live TV via Airplay, HTML 5 video web browser

When hidden AirPlay APIs and AirPlay enhancements from Cydia came to life just days ago we knew the party was just getting started. A 9to5mac reader managed to stream live TV from his iPad to his Apple TV via a modified version of AirPlay (video above).  Cool stuff and we’re sure this is just the beginning.

In other news the same upcoming web browser for the Apple TV we showed you recently has a new walkthrough video (below) this time demonstrating HTML 5 video playing functionality on the second-generation Apple TV.

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Activate AirPrint on Windows

AirPrint is currently Mac only and works exclusively with a few HP printers. For Mac users without one of those fancy AirPrint-compatibile printers there’s a fantastic Mac application called Printopia but what about Windows? For Windows husers who want AirPrint to work with their computer there is a new tool called ‘AirPrint Activator.’

The tool works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines and all setup requires is three easy steps. The steps are in German but here’s our English version via (translated) Macerkopf:

Just download the one-click tool, install and activate AirPrint for Windows 32bit or 64bit. Then you have to have the printer in System Preferences (printer properties) to share. Already, all printer under Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit for IOS 4.2.1 and AirPrint available. Please note Step 3: AirPrint.exe must be enabled in Windows Firewall.

Oh, and you want to download it? Here. Let us know in the comments how it goes for you.

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Apple bans single station radio apps as cool digital radio app appears

Apple has reportedly banned single station radio apps — even as digital radio manufacturer, PURE, introduces its well-regarded digital radio-cum-portal service as an app made available via the App Store.

Radio apps have been around on the store for some time, but Apple appears to have changed its policy on these. This emerged after Jim Barcus, president of DJ Radio Apps, approached the company to ask why ten of his single station radio apps had been rejected. Read more

'Collections', PDF E-Mailing and Printing coming to iBooks

Update: We’ve received screenshots of the new iBooks update with ‘Collections.’ Check them out and read the details below:

Just yesterday we reported that Steve Jobs informed a customer that better iBooks management would be ‘coming’ and today we got our hands on the details. First of all folders are indeed coming to iBooks for iOS and are similar to the folders on the iOS 4 homescreen. Users will be able to create their own ‘Collections’ which they can call whatever they like.

There will be two default collections: Book and PDF’s. If you look in your iBooks app right now you will notice that these two collections already exist. The new ‘collections’ feature lets you create your own lists that hold books and PDF’s. You can even move the collections and the items in them around.

From looking at these Apple documents it appears that collections will be a button you tap on the iBooks toolbar that brings up a list of all your collections but it also appears there will be ‘collections’ actually sitting on your bookshelf.

Also, you will now be able to take PDF’s you have stored in iBooks and e-mail them off to whomever you would like. Printing PDF’s via AirPrint will also come in this update which should be handy for many users. Apple will also be very clear to say that the printing and e-mailing of actual books is not happening.

No word on when iBooks will be getting these new features but they should be coming very soon. Apple’s document regarding the new features is after the break:

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Richard Branson launching iPad-only magazine 'Project' next week

According to Yahoo Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile etc., will be launching an iPad-only newspaper/magazine next week called “Project.” Project will include sections pertaining to entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture. Branson’s announcement comes only days after News Corp.’s news about their tablet-only newspaper The Daily. Branson will be holding a press conference soon to announce full details.

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Printopia Review: AirPrint for Everyone

When Steve Jobs announced AirPrint back on that day in early September excitement rang as iOS users finally got the ability to print from their device. Then as a few weeks passed and we learned that this was not the case. AirPrint only works on a few select HP printers which leaves most of us in the dark for one of the slickest features in iOS 4.2. Well, that is where Printopia comes in.

Printopia is by far the best piece of software you can get right now for your Mac if you have an AirPrint-capable iOS device. In short, Printopia allows any iOS user with an AirPrint-capable device to print. Installation is a snap. Simply download the software (which does not mess with your file system!), click and install, and you’re done. Read more

How to fix iOS 4.2's disappearing iPod app music glitch

The customary series of unexpected fault reports are coming through the wires this am, with iOS 4.2 reportedly munching music on some iPhones and causing hassles with HDMI on the Apple TV. Here’s what we got so far, and we hope, nay, urge readers with further information to use comments below to help each other out on this. Read more