March 21

Apple is expected to introduce its streaming video service in just a few days, but the market is already incredibly crowded with other streaming services. Adding to that today is Comcast, which is launching its new Xfinity Flex Internet streaming TV service.

In other streaming news today, Motion Picture Association of America published its annual report on the state of the entertainment market. The report shows that streaming video subscribers increased by 27 percent in 2018 as more people become cordcutters without losing access to content.

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Checking out in stores with your iPhone is easier than ever today, but paying bills with Apple Pay is still a challenge. Doxo is a bill payment service with a large database of billers, and they’re trying to tackle that problem with their latest iOS app.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

February 28

Xfinity irresponsibly using 0000 as default PIN, hacker steals customer’s phone number and buys a Mac

In the latest episode of consumers affected by tech companies’ security flaws, Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile wireless service was found to be setting customer PINs by default to 0000. As reported by The Washington Post (via The Verge) one of the users who had their phone number stolen because of Xfinity’s weak PIN default even saw a hacker purchase an Apple computer with his credit card.

December 30, 2018

One of the more interesting news items of 2018 was Apple discontinuing the AirPort lineup. From the first Airport product to the last final AirPort Extreme, Apple was selling premium Wi-Fi hardware devices at a time when most people I knew were content with a $30 router from Walmart. Since they released their final AirPort product, the market has finally shifted up.

As end-users are starting to load their home networks with more than a single laptop and a few smartphones, people have realized that having a high-quality router (with whole house coverage) is not a luxury. If you want to load your house up with smart home products, multiple iOS devices, Apple TVs, etc., you have to invest in the infrastructure. Plain and simple, Apple exited the home networking business at the exact wrong time.

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November 10, 2018

In this week’s top stories: Reviews of the latest iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Air, new Apple-made complications for Apple Watch, repair programs for iPhone X and MacBook Pro, and more. Read on for all of this week’s top Apple stories.

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November 9, 2018

AmpliFi announced its new mesh WiFi solution last month with the headline feature of a two-minute set up process. AmpliFi Instant also comes with a built-in touchscreen display like its popular predecessor, the AmpliFi HD. Read on for our full review of this great mesh router option.

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