iPhone SE 2 Stories September 4

The iPhone SE 2 — or whatever Apple would call a successor to the SE — has provoked more comment than any iPhone that doesn’t yet, and likely never will, exist.

Regular readers will know that I’m a great fan of the size and slab-sided design of the iPhone SE. I welcomed its introduction in 2016, “downgraded” to it shortly afterwards, and quickly knew it was the right decision. It was only a desire to experience the next generation of iPhones that had me move on from it.

I’ve also expressed both hope and despair at the idea of an iPhone SE 2…

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iPhone SE 2 Stories June 17

Many of us were long hoping for an iPhone SE 2: something with the portability and slab-sided design of the iPhone SE, but the near-bezel-free design of the iPhone X family. The type of thing we’ve seen in concept images and videos.

I’d pretty much given up on that for reasons explained here. The hit iPhone sales have taken since then has made things seem a little less certain – as it raised the possibility of Apple needing to hit a lower price for a new model – but we’d likely have heard rumors by now if something were in the works, so I’m still tending toward pessimism.

However, the latest 2020 iPhone report suggests that perhaps we might get an acceptable compromise …

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iPhone SE 2 Stories February 10

iPhone SE 2 featuring notch and full glass rear demonstrated in latest concept video

iPhone SE might have one of the most ambiguous futures in the Apple product lineup. Its blast-from-the-past design casts it as the final (for now) official iPhone from Apple with a 4-inch display, and although its A9 processor still holds its own today in 2019, it’s no secret an updated revival would do wonders.

iPhone SE 2 Stories September 14, 2018

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X a year ago, Tim Cook described it as ‘the future of the iPhone.’ A year later, that future is here.

All three of this year’s models share the same core design. As close as possible to an all-screen design, the Home button replaced by Face ID and gestures, and a notch to accommodate the camera and sensors at the top of the screen.

The iPhone XR makes for a particularly attractive purchase, offering a lot of the design and functionality of the flagship phones for $749. But there’s one piece of bad news in all this …

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iPhone SE 2 Stories May 31, 2018

Sketchy leak claims to show iPhone SE 2 screen protector w/ iPhone X-like notch

The iPhone SE 2 rumor train continues tonight. Leaker Sonny Dickson took to Twitter today to share an image that claims to show an iPhone SE 2 screen protector with a notch cutout…

iPhone SE 2 Stories May 13, 2018

As we rounded up yesterday, there have been quite a few reports about the iPhone SE – but there’s still a lot that is unclear about the future of the device. Making things even more unclear today is a report from supply chain news site Macotakara, which makes new claims about the iPhone SE 2…

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