Maps+, new iOS mapping app with location alarms, bike routes, GPS tracking

Maps+ is a universal app for your iPhone and iPad that combines common mapping features, courtesy of the Google Maps back-end, with advanced location and tracking capabilities usually found in standalone GPS tracking apps. The app can record and edit your GPS tracks and tweet your location, for starters.

But that’s so last century. How about pinning location-based alarms on the map? This is when things get interesting. For example, a location alarm lets you remind yourself to get off at a train station. Maps+ will also do route directions with alternatives, transit points and bike routes, but only if you are located in the United States. Here are two nice iPad screenies and more info…

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WatchESPN app now optimized for iPad

Just a quick hit here: For those on Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks or Verizon FiOS TV, you can now WatchESPN on your iPad in full glory.   WatchESPN was launched for iPod and iPhone last month.

This includes channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and You need to be subscribed to ESPN’s linear programming via Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks or Verizon FiOS TV to use the app. Once you type in your cable subscriber credentials, you can stream live feeds to your device from anywhere. Who needs television, anyway?

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iPhone app tells whether or not PlayStation Network is up

You know you’re in trouble when people write an app with sole purpose of pinging your content network to tell users whether or not it’s up. Touche. Clearly Sony should have released such an app as part of their damage control process. It’s surprising that the idea for the PSN Status app took so long to dislodge. Image iTunes were busted and went down for a month…

I assure you that Apple fans and haters would fall over each other creating a similar app within the first 24 hours of the incident. Not a PlayStation 3 owner? How about i360Emu, a free app for your iPhone and iPod touch (depicted below) that emulates the famous Red Ring of Death which appears when your XBox 360 fails? I know, it’s been a slow news day.

via Touch Arcade

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Citrix's GoToManager for iPad, your new go-to app for remote administration

Citrix, Online, a division of Citrix Systems Inc. which provides remote-connectivity and online collaboration solutions, is jumping on the iPad bandwagon with the news that it will soon release a free iPad app which they claim will be the “first iPad application designed for real-time, remote support.” Dubbed GoToManage, the program will enable support for single location or multiple sites. Why’s that a big deal?

Well, if you’re an IT administrator, you will have the luxury to work anywhere at any time and thereby assist dispersed workforce of your company even while away. That will no doubt come in handy when you lazy on a Sunday afternoon, sunbath on the beach or enjoy cocktails on your summer holiday. GoToManage for the iPad will be the first iPad application designed for real-time, remote support. Those eager to find out more can register their interest and Citrix will notify them when the program becomes available for download.

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Logic Pro, Express can now import GarageBand for iPad projects

Apple has updated its Logic Pro and Logic Express software with the ability to import GarageBand for iPad projects. The welcome enhancement lets you continue perfecting tablet projects on your Mac to edit audio tracks, loops and so forth. The updated Logic Pro 9.1.4 and Logic Express 9.1.4 installers are available for download from Apple’s site.

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