Caption contest: Biden Shares iPhone app with Obama


This photo hit the White house Flickr feed earlier today and we can’t help but wonder what they are looking at.  According to the description, it is an App.  Angry Birds?  iFart?

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama look at an app on an iPhone in the Outer Oval Office, Saturday, July 16, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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Logitech brings K750 solar keyboard over to the Mac side, speaker to iPad

We’ve been pretty envious of the Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard that has been selling for months now for Windows PCs (though it does work on Macs with key mapping).   Amazon reviewers give it overwhelmingly positive feedback on the PC, it is thin and goes for three months without light.

Today, Logitech announced that a Mac version is on the way.  As a bonus, it is available in 5 colors including black, white and 3 different admittedly ugly pastels.  Interestingly, Logitech is selling it for $20 less than the list price of the $79.99 PC version at $59.99.  So much for the Mac Tax?

Besides the pastels, this product looks like a winner.  Sign us up.

Additionally, Logitech launched a $50 back mounted iPad speaker earlier this week.  It has batteries which last about as long as an iPad and also charges via USB.  I’m not immediately sure if I like this idea or more importantly, the implementation but, there it is:


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Apple plans to launch mobile web version of its online store next year

Mockup based on current Apple Store native application

Although Apple offers an Apple Store iOS application that provides full access in a simplified manner to iPhone and iPod touch users, Apple is looking to make the experience even simpler. Over the past months, we have observed Apple gradually shelving and re-touching a project to replace the native Apple Store application with a mobile web version of the Apple Online Store. Now it appears that Apple is working towards actually completing and launching the mobile version of the store.

This new online store, showcasing Apple’s belief in powerful and innovative web-based experiences, will largely mimic the Apple Store application of today, according to a proven source. The big difference is that it will be far more accessible, and the iOS App Store download process will not get in the way of people looking to quickly purchase products on the go.

We do have some concerns about some of the functionality from the native application being ported over to the mobile web version. Notably the feature that provides users with functionality (shown above) based on the physical Apple retail that they are currently visiting. Perhaps Apple will keep the App Store version around for that feature or will figure out a way to move it to the web browser. After all, iOS Safari can access a user’s current location.

Apple plans to debut the mobile version of the online store sometime in 2012. As aforementioned, the project has been shelved multiple times before, so it is possible that the project will once again be moved to the sideline in favor of other product development.

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Explore the history of nearby locations with the Historypin iPhone app

Historypin, a user-generated map displaying historical data of nearby locations, is now available as an iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created in partnership with Google by not-for-profit We Are What We Do, the app allows users to add their own historical photos by pinning them to a map, capturing historic moments as they happen, and creating replicas of historical images. The images are then shared with users requesting data for a specific location….

Historypin uses Google Maps and Street View technology to reveal the user-generated photos and data related to historical events that happened close to your current location. It does this by “overlaying them onto the live camera view”…essentially aiming to give you a live snapshot of what your surroundings looked like in the past.

Simply holding your phone up in the street will provide you with relevant nearby images. Selecting one of the images allows it to be overlaid onto the iPhone’s camera view. You can then fade between the image and your live shot for comparison, as well as pull up stories and data related to the image and your current location.

Full list of features and some shots of the app in action after the break…
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LinkedIn introduces updated iPhone and Android apps, releases HTML 5 mobile site

LinkedIn has announced a new HTML 5 optimized page for mobile browsers and updated iPhone and Android apps with 2-10X speed increases.

The new app is now focused around four key areas: Updates, Inbox, You, and Groups & More.

The Inbox will allow you to view your messages and invitations in one centralized location. The You area presents your profile, connections, and to share updates. Lastly, LinkedIn is now introducing their most requested feature Groups, into the app.

Interestingly, LinkedIn also announced their mobile platform is growing 400 percent year-over-year. Check it out in your mobile browser, or hit the download links below:

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Google Catalogs app for iPad lets you browse and shop digital magazines

Today Google has announced “Google Catalogs”, a new app designed specifically for “tablet devices” (iPad only currently) that allows you to flip through digital versions of catalogs from a number of popular brands and “interact with new layers of rich-media content”. Not too long ago Google updated their Shopper app for iPhone… and now, with the Catalogs app, are providing an entirely new experience for browsing products and finding local retailers (presumably integrated with Google Offers).

Some of the more notable features include the ability to zoom, tap elements of a page to learn more, view and create photo albums, and most importantly, find products you’re viewing in nearby stores (an interesting approach to offering local deals).

There are currently a bunch of well known brands partnering with Google to create content for the newly launched free app… some of which include Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Williams-Sonoma, among others.

You can swing by the App Store to grab the free Google Catalogs app for iPad now. If you’re interested in getting your catalog included in the app, you can go here to learn more.
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