Apple Store app getting Concierge upgrade

Mac Stories is reporting that Apple’s Apple Store iPhone/iPod touch application will be receiving a minor update in the near future. This update will include a feature that recognizes when you enter an Apple Store you have a reservation at, and will ask you if you want to confirm your reservation. You’ll also get a popup with the picture of the Apple employee helping you so you can find them more easily.

On the customer end, it appears the Apple Store application will be updated to integrate with Apple’s ecosystem. As the ability to make reservations is already in place, you’ll receive a push notification as you enter the store asking if you’d like to check-in. You’ll then be notified of your waiting time (your position in the queue), and who you’ll be meeting up with via a photo of the employee. You also may receive helpful hints as you enter the store, so that you can request services via your iPhone. It’s a very streamlined process.

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iLife '11 is not 64 bit

Many hoped and speculated that Apple’s latest media-suite, iLife ’11, would be re-written to work in 64 bit. As Gear Live notes, this is sadly not the case. If you look at the screenshot of the Mac Activity Monitor above, you will notice that the ’64 bit’ marker is not present next to both iMovie ’11 and iPhoto ’11. The same apparently goes for Garageband ’11. We are not really sure why Apple chose not to go 64 bit with iLife ’11 seeing that Snow Leopard is fully 64 bit compatible. On the other hand they need something besides new slideshows and video effects for iLife ’12 or ’13, right?

Apple tunes up

Apple has just updated their Remote App Store application with a bunch of bug fixes. The update includes performance and stability enhancements and addresses some major issues that users have been reporting.

  • Includes stability and performance improvements.
  • Improves performance using Remote on an iPhone when Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Addresses a problem browsing artists with a large number of albums.
  • Addresses some issues waking up computers when using Home Sharing.
  • Addresses some issues with connecting to an iTunes library or Apple TV when using Home Sharing or a Passcode.
  • Addresses some issues with connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Get the free update here.

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In-app purchasing is the new app gold

Virtual good sales are spiking within Apple’s iOS ecosystem, with revenues from such sales dwarfing ads revenue, reports analytics firm, Flurry.

The analytics company looked at revenues accrued by a sample group of social networking and social gaming apps to reach its conclusion.

The sample group offered a “combined reach of 2.2 million daily active users”, Flurry says. It found that in-app purchases were accounting for over 80 percent of their revenues. Read more