ABC's new iPad app hears your TV to provide interactive content

This one’s crazy! ABC has teamed up with Nielson to create an iPad app that eavesdrops on your TV. The iPad’s microphone is used to pick up what you’re watching and the app will present interactive content to go along for the show. The first show that gets TV-wiretapping is My Generation and Nielson claims their uber-cool technology is built so it won’t pickup your personal convos; yeah right.

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Flash is faster, better, stronger than HTML 5 on phones?

Fortune reports on a blog post by Adobe’s John Nack which appears to show that Flash is faster and much more efficient than HTML on mobile phones. These statements are conclusions based on a benchmark test by web developer, Chris Black. He tested HTML 5 running the same animation on an iPod touch 4 (same for iPhone 4), and a Nexus One, but also ran it in pure Flash on the Nexus one.

The HTML 5 animation ran at 24 frames per second on the iPhone 4 and at 40 fps on the Nexus One. The same animation running on Flash on an Nexus One ran at an unprecedented 57 frames per second. This is more than double the frame rate of Apple’s offering and is still 17 frames faster than the HTML 5 version on the same Nexus One. The post also claims the Flash version used half the battery but it is not clear as to what the battery life of flash is being compared to. We presume it is being compared to the HTML 5 running Nexus One.

Update: The original Author chimes in in the comments:

Hey everyone, thought I might chime in as the author of the blog post being criticized. The code was engineered to be as equal as possible between the two demos. Full source has been provided to show this. The code posted by wolever is not scalable but raises some interesting points. The physical dimensions of the canvas being rendered does matter. Scaling the demo down to 300x300px yields 40fps on the iPod Touch. I’ll be doing an updated blog post on this tomorrow showing results at different sizes. I’m not sure why anybody thinks canvas is limited to 24fps. My post tomorrow that wrong. And no, I don’t work for Adobe. I complain about Adobe almost as much as Apple and I much prefer running my own company at the moment. You might find this post a bit more interesting,

Apple Store app gets updated with retina and multitasking support

Apple has just a dropped an update for their Apple Store app to the App Store. The Apple Store app allows customers to access the Apple Online Store from their iPhone and iPod touch and purchase any product.

The update brings Retina Display support for the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation as well as iOS 4 quick-app-switching. The update also promises the usual bug fixes and improvements… and where the heck’ is the iPad support? — I guess Apple figured people will just use the full site on the iPad.

Google Voice app (GV Connect) hits the App Store

An unofficial yet fully functional Google Voice app called “GV Connect” has just hit the App Store. This isn’t Sean Kovac’s GV Mobile + but it allows for GV calling, texting, voicemails, and more. via Mobile Crunch.

It’s available on the App Store for $2.99 right now! Update: It looks like Sean Kovac’s GV Mobile+ is in review… we should know it’s fate shortly.

Apple squashes Newsday ad like a bug

According to Network World (via AppAdvice) Apple issued a cease and desist letter to Newsday regarding their iPad app commercial. The commercial essentially showed how the iPad can’t completely replace newspapers as the screen will shatter when your hit flies with it. Long story short, Apple doesn’t want their iPad’s glass getting shattered as a newspaper app commercial.

Exploit allows cracked apps on non-jailbroken iOS devices

It looks like Apple’s got another exploit on their hands and that’s the ability for users to install cracked apps on non-jailbroken devices. Supposedly an app called “IPA God” will be released in the near future that takes advantage of iOS 4.1 and 4.2 (beta currently) devices to allow cracked app installations.

The video above shows it in action and we strongly OPPOSE this and DO NOT support the cracking of App Store applications. We truly hope Apple figures out the exploit in time and addresses the issue with a software fix very soon.

Netflix works over AirPlay

We tested Netflix on our iPad and it works with Apple’s AirPlay service. We connected some speakers to an Airport Express and the audio from the Netflix film wirelessly streamed and played perfectly with absolutely no hiccups. When the new Apple TV launches, you’ll be able to wirelessly stream both the video and audio to your television set; that’s right, I said television.

We’ve got another screenshot after the break.

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Big games news: Unreal SDK hits iOS soon

If you’ve been sitting back all excited over Project Sword and waiting for the release of the game then you have an excuse to get even more excited on news Epic Games intends releasing its Unreal development kit for iOS soon!

Yes, gamers, this means a tidal wave of Unreal-engine driven mobile games will be slamming themselves down on iPods, iPhones and iPads soon (ish). Read more