WWDC VIDEO: Apple developers say iOS beats Android for app creation

Apple faces stiff competition from Android in the smartphone market, so no surprise it took the heat onto its competitor in this video distributed during WWDC.

The five minute sequence features an assembly of well-known developers, including Callaway’s Nicholas Callaway, Bottle Rocket’s Calvin Carter, Pandora’s Tom Conrad, ABC TV’s Skarpi Hedinsson, Illusion Lab’s Carl Loodberg and Wolfram Research’s Theodore Gray.


VIDEO: Podracer makes double iPad track stack it's a fact

You know you wanted this to happen — your iPhone or iPod touch used as a controller for a racing game — but with the most recent release of the game, Podracer goes one stage (or one iPad) further — now you can link two iPads together to make for a bigger track.

Not clear? Podracer lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a controller for a little racing car which drives around the track on an iPad. Mutliple player gaming is supported. Now you can link two iPads up for a bigger track. Kind of cool, huh? Game costs $4.99, though you can download the iPhone control software for free.

Google Mobile search now offers iPhone, Android Apps plugs in search results

Google has introduced a new way to sell Android, offering links to iPhone and Android apps within its mobile search results.

What platform of apps offered will depend on the mobile client used.

The move by the search giant — responsible for 6 percent of total web traffic, according to a 2009 Arbor Networks survey — means Android and iPhone users who make app-related queries, such as