AirPower is an upcoming Apple accessory first teased at the iPhone X/8 launch event in September 2017.

It’s a wireless charging pad that can simultaneously charge an iPhone X/8, an Apple Watch and an AirPods case – though that requires a new wireless-charging case likely to be launched simultaneously.

It’s not known when it will be launched. Apple has said only ‘2018,’ with a reference to ‘early 2018’ quickly disappearing.

There’s a wide range of third-party wireless charging pads on the market, including some which appear similar, but these cheat by having (or requiring you to add) a separate Apple Watch charger in a specific location on the pad. AirPower will allow devices to be charged anywhere on the pad.

AirPower Stories Today

Digitimes has today released a report that covers a variety of topics, focused on Apple’s September launch schedule. Quoting industry sources, the site says that Apple will launch a $1200 Kaby Lake ‘entry-level’ MacBook in September.

They also believe the iPad mini 4 will continue to be sold as-is, and expect Apple to announce the AirPower release date at the 2018 iPhone event, with a price point in the $160-$190 range …

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AirPower Stories August 13

Insiders believe AirPower launching in September, priced around $150

More news about AirPower’s alleged release and price have surfaced today as insider sources have spoken to Chinese outlet, Chongdiantou.

AirPower Stories July 30

iOS 12 beta 5 includes new shots of AirPods wireless charging case for AirPower ahead of release

We first saw Apple’s revised wireless charging AirPods case last year, when the GM build of iOS 11 leaked, revealing details about new and upcoming devices. The new charging case has a status LED on the exterior, letting users know the charging status without opening the case, a feature that’s essential when charging your AirPods using the currently unreleased AirPower wireless charging mat.

AirPower Stories June 26

An unlikely-sounding report today claims that the next version of the AirPods charging case – designed to be wirelessly charged – could itself be used to charge an iPhone …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

AirPower Stories June 21

Looking at Apple’s recent history of new product launches, it seems that delays are the norm rather than the exception.

AirPods were originally promised for late October 2016, and actually went on sale in mid-December. HomePod was announced in June 2017, promised for December 2017, and wasn’t actually available until February 2018. In both cases, Apple missed the all-important holiday gift season, which undoubtedly hurt launch sales.

The Mac Pro isn’t technically late, as the company said only that it would go on sale ‘after 2017,’ but it was announced in April 2017 and a year later Apple said it would be sometime in 2019 – which is a lengthy wait by anyone’s standards.

Then there’s AirPower

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Apple’s AirPower charging mat was first announced in September alongside the announcement of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, with an opaque ‘2018’ release timeframe. More than half way through, the product is yet to hit shelves. Bloomberg says that Apple had aimed to launch the accessory in June, but hit delays due to problems with overheating.

AirPower is much more complicated than a standard Qi charging mat. The report says the mat actually runs a stripped down version of iOS so it can manage power and complex circuitry, and communicate with the iOS devices, Apple Watch and AirPods that are laid on it.

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