Clubhouse Stories April 13

Live audio platform Clubhouse announced this week that it is finally rolling out dark mode support to its users on iOS and Android, so they can use the Clubhouse mobile app with a dark interface. However, it will still take some time before the option becomes available to all users.

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Remember Clubhouse? Social audio app hopes icebreaker games will jog your memory

Clubhouse is testing a new in-room gaming feature for iOS and Android. Reported by TechCrunch, the app is releasing a game called “Wild Cards,” in which a series of questions are presented in order for people to get to know each other better. 

Clubhouse Stories March 30

Clubhouse on Wednesday announced a new option on its platform that will let users protect their profiles so that other users cannot see their latest interactions on the app. The new feature comes as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is intended to ensure users feel safe having conversations on the social network.

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Clubhouse Stories March 17

Clubhouse introduces ‘Wave Bar’ to help users easily see who’s online

Live audio platform Clubhouse announced this week a new update to its mobile app that introduces “Wave Bar.” Users will now see a new bar at the top of the screen that shows your friends who are currently online on the social network, so you can easily interact with them.

Clubhouse Stories February 24

Clubhouse launched in 2020 as a social network dedicated to live audio chat, an idea that was later followed by competitors such as Twitter and Reddit. Now Clubhouse has announced a major change to its app, which will now let users interact in voice rooms with text chat.

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Clubhouse Stories January 6

The once popular live audio platform Clubhouse was only available on iOS and Android devices through its official app, but now the company is finally expanding it to the web as well – which honestly is too late.

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Clubhouse Stories November 18, 2021

Clubhouse on Thursday released an update to its iOS app that finally enables live captions for audio rooms. This is one of the most anticipated features for users since the launch of Clubhouse, as the social network is entirely audio-based. As a result, people who are deaf or hard of hearing have not been able to use the app until now.

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Clubhouse Stories October 14, 2021

Clubhouse for iOS adds new Music Mode and search improvements

To improve its community experience, Clubhouse is launching a new Music Mode, which it says will help people sound better when performing in a live room.

Clubhouse Stories September 30, 2021

Clubhouse now lets users record streamings, share clips, more

After all the buzz of its pre-launch, Clubhouse is still releasing new tools for users who still want to engage with its community. The app is introducing Universal Search, Clips, Replay, and Spatial Audio.

Clubhouse Stories August 30, 2021

Clubhouse for iOS adds Spatial Audio support

Spatial Audio fever is here. Clubhouse for iOS announced that it now supports this immersive surround sound feature in its iOS app.

Clubhouse Stories July 21, 2021

The once-viral audio conversation app Clubhouse is officially launching to the public today after previously having been invite-only. This means that anyone can now join Clubhouse rooms and conversations, something that could pave the way for growth after increased competition from the likes of Twitter.

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Clubhouse Stories June 21, 2021

Facebook Live Audio Rooms are beginning their rollout today. The ability to create and host rooms is currently limited to public figures, and a handful of high-profile Facebook groups.

You can join in with chats using either iOS or Android apps, but you’ll need to be an iPhone user to host rooms, as this requires the main Facebook iOS app …

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Clubhouse Stories June 16, 2021

Spotify Greenroom provides yet another Clubhouse competitor

Spotify announced plans for a Clubhouse competitor in March, and has today launched the new service as Spotify Greenroom…

Clubhouse Stories May 3, 2021

Clubhouse quickly became a huge success earlier this year, reaching over 8 million downloads in the iOS App Store in February. However, as the competition grows, things are not going well for the audio-based social network. A new report claims that the app registered around 900,000 downloads in April, dropping from a peak of 9.6 million downloads three months ago.

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Clubhouse Stories April 12, 2021

Clubhouse continues to make headlines around the world for another week, but this time with some controversial news. Personal data of 1.3 million users of the audio-based social network was exposed on a popular hacker forum, but the company disagrees that it was a leak.

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Clubhouse Stories April 7, 2021

Following the huge success of Clubhouse, companies like Twitter and Facebook have begun work on their own live audio chat platforms. Interestingly, it seems that Twitter has already considered acquiring Clubhouse for a whopping $4 billion — although the plan has not turned out as expected.

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Clubhouse Stories April 5, 2021

The competition against Clubhouse has been increasing as multiple social networks have recently announced their own live audio platforms. Meanwhile, Clubhouse is today introducing a new feature called “Clubhouse Payments” that lets users support content creators by sending them money.

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Clubhouse Stories March 14, 2021

Clubhouse today announced a new program dedicated to helping content creators who have been using the new social network. Named “Clubhouse Creator First,” the program will provide support for creators around the world to “host amazing conversations, build their audience, and monetize.”

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Oman blocks Clubhouse app in the country; activists suggest censorship

Oman has blocked Clubhouse on Sunday because it didn’t have the right permit, according to authorities. Some activists, however, described the move as censorship, as reported by Reuters.

Clubhouse Stories March 1, 2021

Instagram announces Live Rooms with video; new audio features coming soon

Instagram has unveiled a new feature called “Live Rooms,” which gives users the ability to go live on the social network with up to four people. Previously, it was only possible to stream with one other person. The company is also teasing new audio features launching soon.

Clubhouse Stories February 22, 2021

Looser privacy terms for WhatsApp, which led some users to seek alternative chat apps, will be enforced from May 15, says the company. Anyone who has not agreed to the new terms by that date will no longer be able to read or send messages, and face the prospect of their account being deleted altogether.

Separately, the invitation-only audio chat app Clubhouse has suffered a security breach that has seen audio feeds made available on a third-party website…

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