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Logic Pro X

Apple's professional audio production suite for Macs

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July 2013 - February 2020

Logic Pro X is Apple’s professional audio production software and the counterpart to its entry-level Garageband app that comes with Macs and iOS devices. The $199 suite offers audio recording functionality alongside world-class virtual instruments, effects, and thousands of high quality audio samples and loops. With recent additions like Flex Pitch – a completely embedded custom audio pitch manipulation tool– and the automatic beat-making machine known as Drummer, Logic Pro X remains as one of the leading software suites in the recording industry.

With Logic Pro X, Apple has notably put a focus on producers of popular mainstream genres, offering features specific to electronic music and hip-hop audio production in recent updates to the suite. That includes the new heavy weight sample manipulation synth Alchemy that Apple integrated after it acquired developer Camel Audio in 2015.

Unlike Garageband, Logic Pro X isn’t available as a full version for iPhones or iPads, but there is a Logic Pro Remote app that acts as a companion experience for controlling transport functions and other features remotely.

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Check out Logic Pros, 9to5Mac’s weekly series exploring music creation on Mac and iOS with product reviews, tutorials, tips/tricks for Logic users, and much more. And read up on the latest Logic Pro stories below:

Logic Pro X Stories Yesterday

Logic Pros: Mastering the Plug-In Manager to create custom FX libraries, more

Today we are exploring the Logic Plug-In Manager. This handy tool is built-in to Logic Pro X and allows us to manage the plethora of included plug-ins as well as all of your favorite third-party effects, instruments, and more. For years, Logic Pro X users were stuck with the app’s stock plug-in hierarchy system — an organized list of all the plug-ins currently enabled for your Logic Pro system — before Apple finally introduced a feature that allows for a custom-made directory. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a gigantic collection of third-party plugs, with Plug-In Manager we can completely customize the way we access our gear — making it significantly easier to get at them and subsequently providing a much more personalized experience for creatives.

Logic Pro X Stories November 3, 2019

Today we are looking at the best MIDI keyboards for Mac in 2019. After detailing our favorites a couple years back, it’s now time to reassess the MIDI keyboard situation for Mac users. While some of the mainstays are making another appearance this year, there have also been a series of new releases across 2019 from Native Instruments, Arturia, IK Multimedia, and more. Head below for a detailed look at the best keyboards on the market and information to help you decide which option will suit your needs best. expand full story

Logic Pro X Stories October 6, 2019

PSA: Why Logic Pro X users might want to hold off on Catalina

While the imminent release of the latest macOS is upon us, there are some things to be aware of when it comes to running Logic Pro on Catalina. Home music producers beware as this update could very well silence your latest masterpieces if you’re not careful. Updating to Apple’s latest operating system too soon can yield all sorts of issues with your Logic Pro X projects using third-party gear, so be sure to hit the jump for more details.

Logic Pro X Stories September 15, 2019

Logic Pros: How to automatically remove unwanted noise from audio recordings

After reviewing a number of quality of life techniques recently, today we are taking a closer look at how to Remove Silence in Logic Pro X. Anyone who records audio will know good and well how tedious it can be to edit the undesirable noise out of a recording. While we have looked at some manual options in the past for precision edits, Logic’s Remove Silence feature can get the job done in just a couple clicks or less.

Logic Pro X Stories September 1, 2019

Logic Pros: Customizing your Logic Pro X tools – lightning fast switches, more

Becoming one with the main Logic Pro X tools is a key part of anyone’s journey to becoming an LPX master. Today we are uncovering some efficiency tactics for flipping through the weapons in your holster while revealing Logic’s triple tool mouse-click technique.

Logic Pro X Stories August 25, 2019

Logic Pros: One-click Logic arrangement tricks – insert paste, repeat, more

Today we are showcasing some over-looked Logic arrangement tricks. Prying apart a project’s regions in order to make alterations, injecting a gap for a new part or even just moving an entire section of your piece around can be tedious. However, Logic Pro X’s underrated Toolbar houses a number of functions that can get many of these tasks done with a simple selection and a one-click command.

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