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Apple's professional audio production suite for Macs

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July 2013 - May 2020

Logic Pro X is Apple’s professional audio production software and the counterpart to its entry-level Garageband app that comes with Macs and iOS devices. The $199 suite offers audio recording functionality alongside world-class virtual instruments, effects, and thousands of high quality audio samples and loops. With recent additions like Flex Pitch – a completely embedded custom audio pitch manipulation tool– and the automatic beat-making machine known as Drummer, Logic Pro X remains as one of the leading software suites in the recording industry.

With Logic Pro X, Apple has notably put a focus on producers of popular mainstream genres, offering features specific to electronic music and hip-hop audio production in recent updates to the suite. That includes the new heavy weight sample manipulation synth Alchemy that Apple integrated after it acquired developer Camel Audio in 2015.

Unlike Garageband, Logic Pro X isn’t available as a full version for iPhones or iPads, but there is a Logic Pro Remote app that acts as a companion experience for controlling transport functions and other features remotely.

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Check out Logic Pros, 9to5Mac’s weekly series exploring music creation on Mac and iOS with product reviews, tutorials, tips/tricks for Logic users, and much more. And read up on the latest Logic Pro stories below:

Logic Pro X Stories Today

Apple introduced the incredible new Live Loops in the latest Logic Pro X 10.5 update. The new feature is just that, a fresh way of interacting with your tracks and loops in Logic Pro X that is designed to work in tandem with the existing workflow, not instead of it. Directly integrated with the main Tracks area and familiar left to right timeline workflow, Live Loops provides creatives with a free-form, modular point of view of music making that can then be either performed into or immediately copied over to the familiar timeline where the musical parts can then be fully edited as they always have been. It has been quite a magical experience thus far, and while Apple has made it about as intuitive as it could be, there’s a lot to it, even on a surface level for those just getting started. expand full story

Logic Pro X Stories May 17

More on Logic Pro X 10.5: Instant sampling, Alchemy, grid controllers, more

Apple lit it up last week when it dropped a massive new Logic Pro X update. Packed with stunning new features — some arguably 20-years in the making — Logic Pro X 10.5 is a game changer for anyone that loves to make music on a Mac. While introducing a stable of marquee workflow possibilities, the way these technologies have been thread through the experience in combination with other quality of life enhancements, provide much more than just Live Loops and Step Sequencers.

Logic Pro X Stories May 12

Apple unveiled one of the most substantial updates its flagship DAW has ever seen today. The gigantic Logic Pro X 10.5 update revolutionizes the way users can create while offering up its own take on some of the more popular workflow styles its competition has become famous for. Head below for a closer look at the major new features. expand full story

Apple has now unleashed the latest update for its flagship music production software, Logic Pro X. And it’s a major one. As expected from a leaked screenshot late last month, the Logic Pro X 10.5 update includes some amazing new features like Live Loops, Remix FX, and much more. Head below for a closer look. expand full story

Logic Pro X Stories April 29

Apple has shared a new video today on its YouTube channel taking a look behind the scenes at how Grammy-nominated Oak Felder approaches music production, how his MacBook Pro is important to his workflow, and more.

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Logic Pro X Stories April 26

Logic Pros: Exploring the FREE Spitfire Audio LABS instrument collection

Spitfire Audio, a British company making stellar virtual production gear since 2007 or so, has now logged over 3 million downloads of its free instrument library, LABS. The DAW agnostic dedicated plug-in houses a series of sampler instruments for musicians using Logic Pro X or just about any other platform. Recently adding a brand new 60’s-inspired “Wurli” instrument to its growing library, we thought it was time to dive into this completely free virtual instrument resource.

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