Logic Pro Stories June 8

Apple bringing spatial audio and ‘immersive music-authoring tools’ to Logic Pro this year

Apple has now rolled out Lossless and Spatial Audio streaming to its subscribers. Eddy Cue sat down with Billboard regarding Apple’s new hi-fi music streaming just after Apple Music’s Zane Lowe dropped a quick hint pertaining to upcoming Logic Pro integration for music producers. We recently did some digging around to see if independent artists would be able to take advantage of Spatial Audio and Lossless streaming with major distributors all but confirming as much. But it now looks like Apple will be taking it a step further and has plans to directly integrate hi-fi music authoring tools into its flagship DAW. More details below. 

Logic Pro Stories April 25

Logic Pros Marketplace: New batch of FREE analog/modular gear, FX, more for your setup

Welcome to the April edition of Logic Pros Marketplace — a roundup of all of the most interesting free FX plug-ins and sound resources, discounted instruments, and more for Logic Pro users. This time around we are tracking even more offers on MPE gear for your multi-touch-gesture explorations as well as a host of new, completely free FX and vintage synth-based sampler instruments for your Kontakt library. Head below for everything. 

Logic Pro Stories April 11

Logic Pros Live Loops Launchpad Diary: Mapping Remix FX to your controller, is it even worth it?

After looking at how to quickly move timeline-based projects over to a Live Loops setup and some nice price drops previously, today we are talking about mapping Remix FX to Launchpad. Apple’s GarageBand multi-FX unit gone pro made its debut inside Logic Pro for the first time as part of the flagship app’s major overhaul last year. A particularly useful and creative tool, especially in concert with Live Loops, Remix FX houses a number of multi-touch ready FX units from filters and repeaters to down samplers and interesting tape stops to add some serious flavor to your compositions. But with direct and multi-touch control available via Logic Remote already, and some tricky X/Y pads to deal with, is it really worth the trouble mapping Remix FX to Launchpad?

Logic Pro Stories April 4

Logic Pros Live Loops Launchpad Diary: Transforming entire projects to cells in one-click

Today we are taking a look at the copy to Live Loops function and transforming your regions into cells. While we previously explored some of the more performance-based applications of Launchpads and Live Loops, arguably the most obvious use for Apple’s grid-based production environment is in arrangement. You can easily and quickly experiment with transitions from one part to any other without having to start dragging and dropping huge, unwieldy chunks of regions around. Sure, that’s nothing some Marquee tool or skip/cycle wizardry can’t handle on the regular timeline, but there’s really no comparing that to the musical immediacy and hands-on immersion of triggering these sections with a single Launchpad button, all-synced to the timeline and without having to commit to anything until you’ve experienced the change. 

Logic Pro Stories March 21

Logic Pros Live Loops Launchpad Diary: Creating custom hardware control surfaces

After exploring some techniques and functionality to bolster performance potential last time around, today we are taking a look at custom Launchpad modes and creating our own bespoke controls for Logic Pro. Continuing our journey towards complete creative hardware dominance over our instruments and tracks in Logic Pro, these custom made templates allow us to quickly and simply throw some widgets around to personalize hardware control over just about every parameter your trackpad can find. Used in combination with Logic Pro’s particularly powerful Learn assignment functionality, Novation’s Components Editor is a simple and effective way of expanding Launchpad hardware control well beyond the factory limitations. 

Logic Pro Stories May 24, 2017

The best MIDI keyboards for Mac and Logic Pro

Now that we are well in to 2017, we thought it was a good time to re-assess the MIDI keyboard situation for Mac users. We have some new contenders on the block that have pushed some old favorites to the side, while AKAI, Native Instruments and more continue to bring some of the best and most affordable controllers to market. If you are just getting into making music with virtual instruments on your Mac and Logic Pro X, a MIDI controller of some kind is a must and a keyboard option is usually the best point of entry.

Head below for our 2017 picks of the best MIDI keyboards for Mac users:

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