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iOS 16: New features, iPhone compatibility, release date

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iOS 16 features

iOS 16 brings one of the most important updates for the iPhone’s Lock Screen since iOS 7. With improvements for Focus Mode, more continuity capabilities, and tweaks to Messages, there’s a lot to take advantage of with this operating system.

New features in iOS 16

With iOS 15, Apple introduced Live Text, Focus Modes, a redesigned Safari, and lots of new tweaks for FaceTime and iMessage. Now, with iOS 16, Apple is improving all these experiences while bringing a revamped Lock Screen, which Craig Federighi called “an act of love” in an interview.

Here’s what’s new with iOS 16.

New Lock Screen, revamped notification center, and deeper Focus Mode integration

The new Lock Screen is Apple’s main bet with iOS 16. You can customize the font, color, or placement of elements on your Lock Screen by tapping the element. There are new font styles and color choices that allow you to customize the look of the date and time.

With Widgets and a new API, users can add third-party widgets to the Lock Screen. In a future update, Live Activities will show ongoing sports games or track the progress of your Uber ride, for example.

iOS 16 Lock Screen

iOS 16 will suggest photos and styles, and the best part is that it’s deeply integrated with Focus Mode. Depending on your Focus, you can change the lock screen wallpaper, style, and even widgets.

Focus Mode also can be turned on at a set time, location, or while using a certain app. Last but not least, with Focus filters, you can set boundaries within Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari.

To finish this section, the revamped notification center now shows notifications from the bottom to the top. The system also hides better notifications depending on your Focus Mode.

Messages, FaceTime, and Safari

edit iMessages iPhone

Three apps that Apple focused with iOS 15 are also very important on iOS 16. Messages have three main new features:

  • Edit a message: You can edit a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it;
  • Undo send: Unsend any message for up to 15 minutes after sending it;
  • Mark as unread: Mark messages as unread when you don’t have time to respond but want to be sure to reply to the sender later.

With iOS 16, Apple is bringing handoff in FaceTime, which lets you move calls seamlessly from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad, and vice versa. The company is also adding Live Captions in FaceTime, letting you see automatically transcribed dialogue integrated into your video calls.

Last but not least, Safari now has Shared Tab Groups, web push notifications coming in 2023, and new web extension APIs.

Live Text in video, Dictation, and Maps improvements


Introduced with iOS 15, Live Text now work in videos when you pause them in iOS 16. You can use functions like copy and paste, lookup, and translate.

Apple is also bringing an all-new Dictation experience since you can move fluidly between voice and touch. With selected phones, you can insert emojis using your voice while dictating on the device. It also features automatic punctuation such as commas, periods, and question marks for you as you dictate.

Finally, another great feature arriving with Apple Maps is multi-stop routing. It even syncs between devices, so you can plan a route with multiple stops on your Mac and it syncs to your iPhone. Learn more about everything new with Apple Maps here.

Device compatibility

Apple surprised users by removing not only the iPhone 6s, but also the iPhone 7 and the first-gen iPhone SE from the list of devices receiving iOS 16. No iPod touch also supports this software update.

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR, XS and XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd gen)
  • iPhone SE (3rd gen)

That said, it’s not because your iPhone is receiving iOS 16 that it will have all the features.

When will iOS 16 come out?

iOS 16 was announced on June 6, during WWDC 2022’s keynote. In July, Apple will release a public beta version for users to try it out. Later this fall, iOS 16 will launch to all users.

9to5Mac’s Parker Ortolani created a fun concept that Apple could 100% adopt. According to Parker, Apple should add interactive widgets, persistent focus toggle, and more.

iOS 16 Stories Today

iOS 16 brings some new features to Apple Pay, such as a payment API for CarPlay apps, order tracking in the Wallet app, and even Apple Pay Later. However, it seems that Apple has been working on some other changes as iOS 16 beta 3 hints at support for virtual cards in Safari for online shopping.

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iOS 16 beta 3 and iPadOS 16 beta 3 are here, and they include some further updates and changes to new features first announced at WWDC last month. Head below as we round up everything new in iOS 16 beta 3 and iPadOS 16 beta 3…

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Apple has just released iOS 16 beta 3 for developers, and while we’re still looking to find out what’s new with today’s update, it seems that Apple has added an easter egg in celebration of 15 years of the iPhone. The classic clownfish wallpaper from the original iPhone is back – sort of.

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Apple filed a lawsuit against ‘Pegasus’ spyware creator NSO Group last fall and announced it would be donating $10 million+ to organizations pursuing cyber-surveillance research and advocacy. Now taking the next step in combatting sophisticated spyware, Apple has announced a brand new “extreme” security feature called iPhone Lockdown Mode – coming to iPad and Mac as well – to help protect against targeted cyber attacks.

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iOS 16 Stories July 1

Apple is expanding the capability of its Continuity Camera feature this year with macOS Ventura and iOS 16. Now users will be able to use iPhone as Mac webcam for a high-quality, wireless experience. Follow along for a hands-on look at how to use Continuity Camera.

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In May, I said that a redesigned Home app was on my iOS 16 wishlist, and WWDC did not disappoint. HomeKit is set to get a major upgrade with iOS 16, including an all-new Home app, lock screen widgets, new Home key vendors, deeper Matter support, and more. Let’s look at what’s new coming with iOS 16’s HomeKit upgrades.

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iOS 16 Stories June 30

The Health app gets fresh capabilities with iOS 16 that will be valuable for many users with the major new feature being the ability to track medications on iPhone (vitamins and supplements too). Read on for a look at how it works to use the iOS 16 feature.

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iOS 16 Stories June 28

The Home app gets lots of attention in iOS 16 with a fully refreshed design. Additions and changes in the overhauled experience include a new UI and iconography, customizable sections, fresh wallpapers, a more seamless experience, and more.

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iOS 16 Stories June 24

We’ve seen some baby steps towards using our iPhone for proving our identity. But a couple of recent developments point to a future in which an iPhone – plus biometrics – could let us use our phone as a single means of verifying our identity, both online and in face-to-face interactions.

In all, Apple provides support for four initiatives which I think provide a clear pointer to a future in which the iPhone will be our one-stop device for ID …

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iOS 16 Stories June 23

Been testing out the new iPhone or iPad beta? If, for whatever reason, you’re ready to shift back to the stable release, read along for a step-by-step guide on how to uninstall iOS 16 beta, downgrade to iOS 15, and restore with a backup.

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The default video player gets a big upgrade with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. The redesign brings a drastically modernized UI, as well as some new features and enhancements.

Apple uses the system video player in all of its apps, of course, but many third-party apps do too so these changes take effect across your entire iPhone and iPad experience. Here’s everything new to try in the iOS 16 video player.

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iOS 16 will support the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and newer models. Even so, not all functions will be available to older iPhones. With that in mind, 9to5Mac now gathered all the features that will require at least an iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or newer. Here they are.

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iOS 16 Stories June 22

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 16 beta 2 to developers, two weeks after the first beta release of iOS 16 announced at WWDC 2022. The update brings several tweaks across the system, and interestingly, it also adds a new menu for managing HomePod beta Software in the Home app.

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iOS 16 packs a ton of new features and changes for iPhone users. At this point, everyone’s seen the headlining features like the redesigned Lock Screen, Messages upgrades, and new features for Mail. As usual, however, there are many other new features in iOS 16 that are worth trying out.

Head below for our full roundup of over 100 new features packed in iOS 16 for iPhone users.

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One of the new features of iOS 16 is the option to edit and unsend messages in iMessage. However, as we previously covered, these features are not backward compatible – which means that the edits have no effect on devices running iOS 15. With iOS 16 beta 2, Apple seems to be trying to fix this.

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With iOS 16, Apple is making some changes to prevent attackers from sideloading malicious apps on the device – which includes de addition of a new Developer Mode. However, these changes caused a bug in the first beta of iOS 16 that also requires this mode for TestFlight apps.

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iOS 16 beta 2 is now available and it includes a number of changes and tweaks to the new features Apple announced at WWDC. There are updates to the redesigned Lock Screen, new features for the system video player, and more. Head below as we round up what’s new.

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As Apple just released iOS 16 beta 2, the company announced on the operating system release notes some new features coming to Messages related to SMS filtering. Here’s everything new about this with beta 2.


Apple has just released iOS 16 beta 2 for developers, and while we’re still not sure what exactly is new, the company has confirmed a subtle change coming with today’s update. With the latest beta version of iOS 16, users will finally be able to backup their devices to iCloud over LTE and 5G networks.

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iOS 16 beta 2 and iPadOS 16 beta 2 are now rolling out to developers, two weeks after iOS 16 was officially unveiled at WWDC. iOS 16 packs a range of new features, including the biggest upgrade to the iPhone’s Lock Screen ever, revamped notifications, new features for Messages, and much more. Head below for the full details on what to expect from iOS 16 beta 2.

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iOS 16 Stories June 21

One of the important new features coming with iOS 16 is Safety Check. Designed as a tool for those at risk for domestic abuse, Safety Check for iPhone allows users to immediately revoke access other people and apps have to their location and perform a security review.

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iOS 16 Stories June 20

With the release of iOS 16 this year, Apple is taking steps towards eliminating the need for those pesky CAPTCHAs around the web. A new feature called Private Access Tokens will use a combination of details about your device and your Apple ID to inform a website that you are a legitimate user rather than a robot. In turn, this allows you to completely bypass the CAPTCHA step.

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Alongside the ability to create custom Lock Screens for iPhone with iOS 16, Focus mode gets some useful upgrades that make it easier to set up as well more flexible and powerful. New features include Focus filters, the option to link Focus modes to specific Lock Screens, setting a custom Home Page, and more. Here’s a hands-on look at how to use Focus mode in iOS 16.

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iOS 16 Stories June 16

Last week, Apple previewed during the WWDC 2022 keynote its 2022 software updates: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13 Ventura, and tvOS 16. All of these operating system updates will be available a few months from now. Which of them are you most excited to try?

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