Apple Pay credit unions Stories May 19, 2015

A number of additional banks and credit unions across the United States have now turned on support for Apple Pay including Synchrony Bank which backs Walmart and other retail credit cards, NASA Federal Credit Union, and many more. Earlier this month, Apple Pay went live for the popular mobile-based Simple Bank for the first time. You can find the full list of new and existing banks with support for Apple’s mobile payment service below: expand full story

Apple Pay credit unions Stories May 5, 2015

Apple has rolled out Apple Pay support for another 24 banks and credit unions following last month’s expansion reaching more than 200 in total. The newly added banks include more than a dozen banks and credit unions from around the United States including The Bancorp Bank which backs Simple, a popular online banking service. Here’s the full list of newly added Apple Pay banks: expand full story

Apple Pay credit unions Stories April 7, 2015

Apple has added the next wave of support for Apple Pay from 39 banks and credit unions today bringing the total active institutions to over 180 banks. Here are the latest to support Apple Pay as well as the full list so far: expand full story

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