December 31, 2020

Some AirPods Max owners report condensation issue inside ear cups

It’s not an Apple product launch if the new gadget hasn’t been scrutinized on Twitter for various — what often turn out to be edge case — issues. As for the company’s latest AirPods Max, some owners of the high-end headphones are now reporting an issue with condensation inside the ear cups…

Along with the shift to Apple Silicon, performing things like a restore is different with M1 Macs compared to their Intel predecessors. Follow along for a look at how to revive and restore M1 Macs, what the difference is, when to use them, and what to try before taking those steps.

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New York City’s subway began adding support for contactless payments in May 2019, but since then, only a few selected lines have received the technology. However, New York’s MTA announced today that everyone can now finally use Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods across all its stations.

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Despite the unique circumstances presented by being in the midst of a global pandemic, Apple had one of its busiest, and arguably most productive years in recent memory. In this hands-on video, I take a look back at my favorite Apple hardware releases of 2020.

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Miles Somerville is one half of 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel alongside Jeff Benjamin. This week we’re catching up with Miles to learn how he uses the Apple Watch.

9to5Mac Watch Time is a podcast series hosted by Zac Hall. In this series, we talk to real people about how Apple Watch is affecting their lives. Subscribe now to catch up with each episode and automatically hear new episodes as soon as they’re released every two weeks: 🟣 Apple Podcasts | 🟠 Overcast | 🟢 Spotify

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Apple first unveiled its plans to transition away from Intel processors at WWDC in June, detailing that the first Mac powered by Apple Silicon would be released before the end of the year. As it turns out, Apple released three Macs powered by its new M1 chip: a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

Despite Apple having a strong 2020 in nearly all regards, the M1 Mac is what we are officially crowning as the 9to5Mac Product of the Year.

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