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First shown in late 2006 and released in early 2007, the Apple TV went through a more substantial transformation than any other Apple product in the past decade. The original model was a stripped-down Macintosh computer with a 40GB hard drive for playing videos, music, and photos on an HDTV. Apple unveiled a completely redesigned plastic model in 2010, dropping the hard drive in favor of 8GB flash storage, and in late 2015 the device was updated again with its own tvOS operating system, a slightly thicker design, and an all-new Siri Remote.

The Apple TV serves a variety of purposes now, thanks to its tvOS operating system, which has its own App Store. The fourth-gen Apple TV includes a brand new Siri Remote. Included is a dedicated Siri button that, when paired with universal search on the Apple TV, allows users to easily look up content from a variety of sources with a single search. Using AirPlay with your iOS device or Mac, you can stream videos, photos, and music directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to your HDT, as well as mirroring their screens. Under some circumstances, Macs can use a TV equipped with an Apple TV as a second display.

Apple increased the price to $149 for 32GB of storage and $199 for 64GB for the fourth-gen. That’s $50 more than the previous model, but with the Siri Remote, tvOS, App Store, and much more, it’s easily one of the best streaming solutions on the market.

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We just offered up a full breakdown of everything Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri had to say during the company’s Q1 2017 earnings call and there are a few things worthy of mention on their own.

Perhaps most notably, Tim Cook offered up more details on Apple’s plans for original content and the Apple TV, noting that thus far, the company has only dipped its toe in the water…

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Apple has long been rumored to be developing a web TV streaming service. Recent reports, however, have claimed that the company has abandoned the idea due to difficulties negotiating with networks.

With AT&T having recently launched DirecTV Now and Hulu’s upcoming streaming service, the idea of a streaming service from Apple is something that doesn’t seem too wild.

With the streaming industry the way that it is, would you pay for it? If so, how much?

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