japan display Stories December 12, 2019

Apple’s $200M investment in Japan Display reassures, attracts $830M one

Apple’s agreement to put $200M into the bailout of supplier Japan Display has reassured other investors, and resulted in a new $830 investment from an asset manager, helping the company’s move into making OLED screens for the Apple Watch…

japan display Stories November 27, 2019

Troubled Apple supplier Japan Display – which makes the LCD screens used in the base model iPhone 11 – has been losing money for the past five years. However, fallout from a $5M fraud means that the true position may be even worse than feared.

The company said that in the light of a statement by a former senior executive who embezzled more than $5M from the company, it will need to review its past earnings to determine whether or not they present a true picture of the company’s finances…

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japan display Stories November 13, 2019

Two Apple suppliers yesterday delivered their earnings reports, with rather different outcomes. The reports saw Foxconn profits rise significantly while Japan Display hit five straight years of losses.

While Foxconn’s fortunes are strongly tied to those of Apple, its strong Q3 performance may be despite, rather than because of, the Cupertino company …

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japan display Stories October 7, 2019

A new month, a new chapter in the ongoing Japan Display bailout story…

It was last month reported that the rescue plan was once again in doubt after the lead company pulled out of the consortium. However, a new report today suggests things may be back on track, thanks to Apple…

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japan display Stories September 26, 2019

The never-ending Japan Display saga continues today, with a report that the rescue plan is once again in doubt — though there is some good news for the company in the form of iPhone 11 orders.

Japan Display has long been a LCD supplier for Apple, but was very late to diversify into OLED…

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japan display Stories September 2, 2019

Japan Display OLED iPhone screens could still be at least two years away, according to a new report today.

Apple has been working hard to diversify its supply chain for OLED screens for its flagship iPhone models, working with multiple suppliers to break Samsung’s monopoly — even injecting funds into two of them…

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