japan display Stories March 31, 2020

Apple’s $200M investment in Japan Display finalized as equipment purchase

The latest news in the long-running Japan Display saga is that Apple’s $200M investment in the company has now been finalized. Rather than a cash injection, the iPhone maker is purchasing equipment to be used by the display maker …

japan display Stories December 12, 2019

Apple’s $200M investment in Japan Display reassures, attracts $830M one

Apple’s agreement to put $200M into the bailout of supplier Japan Display has reassured other investors, and resulted in a new $830 investment from an asset manager, helping the company’s move into making OLED screens for the Apple Watch…

japan display Stories November 27, 2019

Troubled Apple supplier Japan Display – which makes the LCD screens used in the base model iPhone 11 – has been losing money for the past five years. However, fallout from a $5M fraud means that the true position may be even worse than feared.

The company said that in the light of a statement by a former senior executive who embezzled more than $5M from the company, it will need to review its past earnings to determine whether or not they present a true picture of the company’s finances…

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japan display Stories November 13, 2019

Two Apple suppliers yesterday delivered their earnings reports, with rather different outcomes. The reports saw Foxconn profits rise significantly while Japan Display hit five straight years of losses.

While Foxconn’s fortunes are strongly tied to those of Apple, its strong Q3 performance may be despite, rather than because of, the Cupertino company …

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japan display Stories October 7, 2019

A new month, a new chapter in the ongoing Japan Display bailout story…

It was last month reported that the rescue plan was once again in doubt after the lead company pulled out of the consortium. However, a new report today suggests things may be back on track, thanks to Apple…

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japan display Stories September 26, 2019

The never-ending Japan Display saga continues today, with a report that the rescue plan is once again in doubt — though there is some good news for the company in the form of iPhone 11 orders.

Japan Display has long been a LCD supplier for Apple, but was very late to diversify into OLED…

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japan display Stories September 2, 2019

Japan Display OLED iPhone screens could still be at least two years away, according to a new report today.

Apple has been working hard to diversify its supply chain for OLED screens for its flagship iPhone models, working with multiple suppliers to break Samsung’s monopoly — even injecting funds into two of them…

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japan display Stories August 23, 2019

One of Apple’s suppliers, Japan Display has had a challenging time over the last few years. While the company was set to receive a lifeline of $737 million to expand its OLED operations, it lost about a third of that as an investor backed out in June. However, it’s now been confirmed that the troubled display maker will receive the majority of its funding this fall with Apple allegedly chipping in.

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japan display Stories June 18, 2019

The long-running saga surrounding troubled Apple supplier Japan Display continues, with a much-touted rescue plan today thrown into doubt.

A backer who was putting up almost a third of the cash for Japan Display’s belated expansion plans for OLED screens has withdrawn ….

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japan display Stories May 30, 2019

Apple agrees to wait for c.$1.5B owed by Japan Display, to assist bailout

Apple has agreed to wait for money owed to it by Japan Display in order to assist the bailout of the troubled display-maker …

japan display Stories May 15, 2019

Two Apple suppliers, Foxconn and Japan Display, have both reported disappointing financial results today.

Weaker-than-expected demand from Apple was cited as one of the reasons …

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japan display Stories April 12, 2019

The rescue plan for Japan Display – a supplier of LCD screens for Apple which needed a major investment to boost its move into OLED – is set to be worth a total of 232 billion yen ($2.1B).

However, there is a slim possibility that the bailout could be blocked by a US national security review …

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japan display Stories April 3, 2019

Japan Display has reportedly won its first orders from Apple for OLED screens, for the Apple Watch. It is set to supply the first displays later this year.

The report follows a confirmed rescue plan for the company, announced earlier this week …

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japan display Stories April 1, 2019

A rumored Japan Display rescue plan has been confirmed by the company, providing the funding it needs to move into OLED production. The company, which already makes LCD screens for Apple, hopes to do the same for OLED iPhones …

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japan display Stories March 22, 2019

Japan Display still owes Apple for half-used LCD factory as latest bailout plan progresses

Japan Display still owes Apple the majority of the construction costs of an LCD factory built especially for the iPhone maker back in 2015, says a new report.

With iPhone 6 sales taking off dramatically at the time, after Apple finally moved into larger-screen phones, Apple was keen to maximize production capacity. So much so that it offered to stump up the cash for a whole new Japan Display LCD factory …

japan display Stories February 12, 2019

Apple Supplier Japan Display reportedly saved by $723M bailout from China and Taiwan

Loss-making Apple screen supplier Japan Display has reportedly been saved by a $723M bailout by a group of investors from China and Taiwan …

japan display Stories May 29, 2018

While we’re expecting to see three new iPhone models this year, two with OLED screens and a cheaper model using LCD, a new report says that Apple will transition to an all-OLED line-up next year.

Although this is just an unsourced supply-chain report, there are three reasons to give it at least some degree of credibility …

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japan display Stories March 30, 2018

While many believe that the iPhone X’s display is best in class for adopting OLED, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are still popular phones, even with an LCD display. However, iPhone display supplier Japan Display has been struggling over the past year as Apple has ditched the company in favor of Samsung for its OLED displays in the iPhone X.

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japan display Stories March 19, 2018

Share prices of display makers hit by report of Apple working on microLED production

Shares of three different display makers have been hit by a report that Apple is working on manufacturing its own microLED screens for future devices …

japan display Stories January 12, 2018

Both Foxconn-owned Sharp and Japan Display are gearing up to compete with Samsung and LG for Apple orders for OLED screens, say supply-chain sources …

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japan display Stories December 21, 2016


One of Apple’s iPhone display suppliers has been rescued by a $636M bailout from the government-backed Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, reports the WSJ. Japan Display had seen its display panel orders fall significantly in the face of keen price competition and a move towards OLED, a technology it does not currently produce.

The rescue could well be important for Apple …

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japan display Stories August 12, 2016


iPhone assembler Foxconn has reported a 31% drop in its Q2 net profit, a hit being attributed to the recent decline in iPhone sales. The company reported net profits of NT$17.7B ($566) against analyst expectations of NT$23.9B, reports the WSJ.

There was some good news for the company, however, as its acquisition of Sharp got the government approval necessary to make the deal fully official.

The impact on suppliers of reduced iPhone demand was first seen back in May, when it was reported that Foxconn, Pegatron, Sharp, Japan Display and Sony had all seen their fortunes falling. The impact on one supplier in particular has worsened dramatically …  expand full story

japan display Stories May 16, 2016


iPhone concept: Yasser Farahi/Ovalpicture

With most reports now agreeing that Apple will switch to OLED displays in iPhones in either 2017 or 2018 (but no consensus yet on which of the two years), UBI Research has now added fuel to the idea that not all models will benefit from the new screen technology.

The Korea Herald reports the firm’s president and chief analyst suggesting numbers that indicate a gradual rollout across models.

Lee Choong-hoon predicted an OLED iPhone with a curved screen would debut in 2018, saying OLED models would make up 30 percent or 100 million units of total iPhone shipments in the year and the figure could surge to 80 percent by 2020.

While the 30% figure could be explained by Apple launching its new iPhones late in the year, the ‘80% by 2020’ number would mean Apple continuing to manufacture some new models with the older IPS LCD screen tech for some time to come …

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japan display Stories May 12, 2016

iPhone decline hits Apple suppliers, say they see no upside in immediate sight

Apple’s decline in iPhone sales is unsurprisingly having a knock-on effect on its key suppliers, with the WSJ reporting that Foxconn, Pegatron, Sharp, Japan Display and Sony have all reported falling profits or losses as a result.

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