china Stories August 10

AAPL: 155.32


Update: CNBC reports that Chinese regulators are now examining the complaint. No formal investigation has been opened at this stage, however.

To be clear, the Chinese regulators are not formally investigating Apple over any breach of antitrust laws. Instead, the SAIC is only reviewing the complaint. Following their review, the regulators may choose to start an investigation.

Apple has been reported to Chinese antitrust regulators by a group of 28 app developers, accusing it of monopolistic behavior.

The WSJ reports that the developers make three specific complaints …

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china Stories August 9

AAPL: 161.06


Apple has come under considerable criticism following its decision to agree to a Chinese government request to remove VPN apps from its local App Store. Virtual private networks allow people in China to access sites blocked by the government, and to ensure that authorities cannot track the sites they visit.

App-tracking site says that the company has so far removed more than 400 VPN apps. But while Apple is trying to maintain good relationships with China by complying with such requests, analysts and tech commentators believe that its troubles with the country ‘have just started’ …

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china Stories July 31

AAPL: 148.73


The success of the iPhone 8 largely depends on how well Apple responds to the challenges it faces in China, say analysts. China is the world’s largest smartphone market, and for iPhone sales is second only to Apple’s home market of the USA.

Those challenges are significant ones. Greater China – which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan – is the only market where Apple saw a sales decline in the first half of the year. Revenue was down 13%, twice the drop it experienced in the previous year. Market share is now below 10%, from its peak of 13%.

Apple’s biggest challenge in China can be summed-up in one word …

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china Stories July 24

AAPL: 152.09


Apple’s decision to design its own GPUs for iOS devices rather than license designs from Imagination Tech may have unexpected consequences. A report over the weekend suggests that an equity fund back by the Chinese government is exploring a bid for the company.

Concern is being expressed at the potential security implications of Chinese control over chip designs used in a wide variety of technology, including aerospace and defence equipment …

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china Stories July 18

AAPL: 150.08


china Stories July 17

AAPL: 149.56


Apple is reportedly running the largest Apple Pay promotion in China since the service launched there almost 18 months ago.

The company is offering discounts of up to 50%, and points rewards of up to 50 times the usual number, for using the service at 28 major retail outlets and 16 online stores. The major push is in response to the greatest challenge faced by Apple Pay in the country …

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