iPad Pro sales Stories March 23, 2016

Digitimes estimates Apple will sell 4M 9.7-inch iPad Pros in first half of the year

There’s never long between Apple launching a new product and the first sales forecasts. Digitimes has a somewhat mixed track record, but for whatever it may be worth its research wing is estimating that Apple will sell four million 9.7-inch iPad Pros in the first half of this year.

It’ll be interesting to compare this number with others that we’re likely to hear in the coming days.

The company is almost certainly right, though, that the newly-reduced $399 starting price of the iPad Air 2 is likely to see that as the biggest seller in the iPad range despite the launch of the new model – though to be fair, Air 2s have been selling for $100-$125 off on 9to5toys since before Christmas.

If the company’s forecast is correct, that could see Apple finally ending the two-year decline in iPad sales.

iPad Pro sales Stories December 2, 2015

Market intelligence company IDC predicts that the worldwide tablet market will continue to decline, with the category as a whole falling 8.1% over the course of this year, but sees potential good news for Apple in 2016. It says that the ‘detachables’ segment – tablets with detachable keyboards – will nearly double in size next year, and that Apple is likely to be a key beneficiary.

“The transition to detachable tablets also ushers in two other key trends: the growth of Windows and a turnaround for Apple’s iPad device line,” said Jitesh Ubrani , Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers. “Though early reviews for the iPad Pro have been mixed, we believe the Pro to be the only reason for Apple to gain tablet market share in the coming years as they target select enterprise and prosumer audiences.”

However, it notes that Apple’s growth may be limited and temporary as Windows tablets and detachables experience dramatic growth …  expand full story

iPad Pro sales Stories November 24, 2015

Apple projected to sell more iPad Pros in a single quarter than all MS Surfaces ever sold (w/$200 profit on each)

A week after KGI forecast that Apple would sell around 2.5M iPad Pros this quarter (down from far bigger numbers before launch), RBC Capital Markets has predicted a more conservative 1M per month, suggesting around 1.7M units this quarter.

The company has also estimated that Apple’s average profit per unit is around $200.

Whoever is right, Business Insider notes that even the more cautious forecast puts the iPad Pro on-track to exceed total sales of the Microsoft Surface tablet range within its first three months.

Much may of course depend on the extent to which consumer sales supplement those of its primary corporate market. I was surprised to find that I did see a consumer market for it despite my own decision not to keep it. And while we may be waiting a while for pro apps, there’s a lot you can do today to make the most of it.

iPad Pro sales Stories September 15, 2015

Sketchy supply-chain rumor says display panel shortages could limit 2015 iPad Pro sales to 2.5-3M units

A sketchy supply-chain rumor reported by Digitimes says that display panel shortages could limit this year’s sales of the iPad Pro to between 2.5 and 3M units.

iPad Pro’s IGZO panel is currently supplied by Sharp only, and LG Display will only be able to supply a small volume starting November, while supply from Samsung will begin in 2016. As a result, Apple is only able to start shipping the iPad Pro in November and its shipments will be between 2.5-3 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Digitimes Research.

This contrasts with KGI estimates of up to 5.5M sales this year.

Apple finally revealed the long-awaited device last week, featuring a 12.9-inch display, ‘desktop class’ A9X chip and optional Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories. The range starts at $799 for the 32GB WiFi-only model and goes up to $1079 for the 128GB WiFi + Cellular model.

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