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November 2019 - April 2021

AirPods Pro are Apple’s in-ear headphones that were first introduced in October of 2019. AirPods Pro feature a more customizable design with high-end features, such as Active Noise Cancellation and more.


The design of AirPods Pro is far more versatile than the “universal fit” of Apple’s regular AirPods. The AirPods Pro go in your ear, rather than resting on the edge of your ear. As such, Apple also includes three different sizes of customizable ear tips in the box with AirPods Pro.

On the stems of AirPods Pro are force sensors, which allow you to control playback of what you’re listening to. The force sensor makes it easy to play, pause or skip tracks, and answer or hang up phone calls.

The AirPods Pro design is also sweat- and water-resistant and rated for IPX4, which Apple says makes them perfect for active lifestyles.


The two primary features of AirPods Pro that set them apart from regular AirPods are Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation.

Transparency mode is a technology created by Apple that lets users simultaneously listen to music while still hearing the environment around them. Outward- and inward-facing microphones enable AirPods Pro to undo the sound-isolating effect of the silicone tips so things sound and feel natural, like when you’re talking to people around you.

Meanwhile, Active Noise Cancellation serves the opposite purpose. This feature will block out your environment so you can focus on what you’re listening to. Again, Apple uses two microphones to create this noise cancellation environment. Apple also says that the AirPods Pro will continually adapt to the geometry of your ear and the fit of the ear tips to ensure noise cancellation is as accurate as possible.

Finally, AirPods Pro feature an Adaptive EQ functionality that Apple says “automatically tunes music to the shape of your ears for a rich, consistent listening experience” that offers “superior sound quality.”

All three of these features are exclusive to AirPods Pro, which means you won’t find them on the more affordable AirPods models.

Battery life and charging

AirPods Pro feature five hours of listening time per charge, but if you enable Active Noise Cancellation, that drops to four and a half hours. AirPods Pro also includes a charging case that delivers over 24 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time.

The AirPods Pro charging case can also be recharged via Qi wireless charging. This means you can just drop the case on a wireless charger to gain some added power.

AirPods Pro release date

AirPods Pro were announced by Apple on October 28, 2019, and subsequently began shipping on October 30th. They were widely sold out when first released, but Apple has now caught up with demand in most areas.

Pricing and where to buy

AirPods Pro retail for $249, making them notably more expensive than regular AirPods. But again, you get a handful of exclusive features in exchange for that higher price.

You can find AirPods Pro on the Apple Store as well as from Amazon.

Best AirPods Pro accessories:

Best AirPods Pro cases

Future upgrades

AirPods Pro 2 are expected to be released sometime in 2021. This update is currently rumored to bring a major redesign to the product. Bloomberg has reported that the second-generation AirPods Pro will feature a “more compact” design that removes the stem that current sticks out from the bottom of the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro 2 could be released sometime later in 2021, but further details are unclear.

AirPods Pro Stories April 8

Along with Apple officially opening up its Find My app to third parties yesterday, Belkin started pre-orders for its new Soundform Freedom wireless earbuds. In addition to the Find My integration, the new earbuds have some impressive features like 36-hour battery life, in-ear design, Qi wireless charging, and more at just $99. Let’s dive in and look at the Belkin Soundform Freedom vs AirPods and AirPods Pro.

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AirPods Pro Stories March 17

On Sunday, Apple debuted a new “Jump” ad for AirPods Pro, touting that the versatility of the wireless earbuds help you “turn the world into your playground.” Alongside this new ad, Apple is also running a “Jump” campaign on TikTok, teaming up with popular creators to promote AirPods Pro…

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AirPods Pro Stories March 14

We’ve been hearing rumors about AirPods 3 for a while now, and there’s strong evidence that Apple will introduce the next generation of its entry-level wireless earbuds next week. Meanwhile, ahead of all these rumors, Apple has just shared a new advertisement highlighting AirPods Pro.

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AirPods Pro Stories March 12

[Update: Hands-on] Incase debuts Reform Sport Case for AirPods Pro with perforated design

Incase is out with the new Reform Sport Case for AirPods Pro. Coming to Apple stores and more, it has a perforated, two-layer design for solid protection, dual-function lanyard, and antimicrobial treatment. Read on for a hands-on look.

AirPods Pro Stories March 6

Sooner rather than later, rumors suggest that AirPods 3 are going to hit the market. Some rumors imply that the third generation of AirPods will become more “Pro,” at least design-wise. The rumors say that Apple could switch the EarPods form factor, which should fit all ears, to an in-ear approach, as we already have with the AirPods Pro. This could be a great idea, but here’s why it’s likely not.

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AirPods Pro Stories February 9

AirPods originally launched back in 2016 and over the last five years, the lineup has grown to feature three distinct models. Particularly if you’ve had the original first-gen or second-gen AirPods for several years, they might be on the brink of dying with the batteries wearing out. Let’s look at several options for what to do with old/dying AirPods beyond just paying Apple for replacements or buying a new pair.

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