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January 2020 - March 2020

A new low cost iPhone is rumored to be coming out in early 2020 with production starting as soon as next month according to Bloomberg. This device is rumored to be called iPhone 9 or possibly iPhone SE 2.

iPhone 9 release date

Rumors indicate that Apple could release it as early as March 2020. Lead 9to5Mac Editor, Zac Hall thinks Apple might have enough for a special event in the coming weeks.

It’s still too early to call it, but there just might be enough rumors circulating to predict a Spring 2020 Apple Event. From iPhone 9 (or SE 2) to Product (RED) Apple Watches, it’s not hard to imagine what could pack a 90 minute presentation around March.

If Apple announces a new low cost iPhone at a March event, it’s possible that it could begin shipping almost immediately.

iPhone 9 Design

Rumors indicate the design of the new low cost iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 8. A new set of video renders shows what we might can expect from the design.

Speaking of design, a new set of video renders has offered a closer peek at what the iPhone 9 might look like. These renders show a home with a form factor nearly identical to the iPhone 8, but with a frosted glass back similar to the iPhone 11 Pro finish.

The renders also show that the new low-cost iPhone might be around 0.5mm thicker than the iPhone 8, measuring in at 7.8mm thick.

iPhone 9 pricing

Apple likes to eliminate pricing umbrellas in their product lines. Right now, they do not offer a modern iPhone under the $400 price range. The iPhone 8 starts at $449. The new iPhone is rumored to only cost $399.

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iPhone 9 Stories March 31

We’ve heard a lot about the new iPhone 9, which could be announced in the near future according to rumors. 9to5Mac found references to the new entry-level iPhone model in iOS 14 code, and now we can corroborate that information with the iOS 13.4.5 beta firmware released today for developers.

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iPhone 9 Stories March 30

The long-rumored iPhone 9 is expected to be released at some point this spring. Now, accessories from case makers are making their way to retailers such as Best Buy, with specific instructions not to inventory the products until the end of this week.

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iPhone 9 Stories March 17

The long-rumored iPhone 9, which could be announced any time now, will fill a much-needed spot at the bottom of Apple’s iPhone lineup.

From a business standpoint it makes total sense. The release of an iPhone 9 will provide customers with a less expensive phone with modern internals, and at the same time can make a healthy profit, thanks to already established manufacturing and assembly processes.

Yet while the iPhone 9 will probably sell well, it won’t generate the same sort of love and cult following as the last budget-minded phone that Apple produced way back in 2016 — the iPhone SE. Watch our iPhone 9 preview video for the details as to why. expand full story

iPhone 9 Stories March 16

9to5Mac has learned several new details about the upcoming iPhone 9 based on iOS 14 code. Now we’ve discovered evidence that Apple is also working on a larger “iPhone 9 Plus” — not only an iPhone 9 — to replace both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. While rumors of the 4.7-inch hardware has been reported through the supply chain, this is the first time evidence supports a larger version of the entry level iPhone.

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iPhone 9 Stories February 20

The iPhone 9 might not be the most exciting iPhone for every 9to5Mac reader, but it’s likely to play an important role in Apple’s business. If you’re waiting for the iPhone 9, we want to know: what phone will it replace?

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iPhone 9 Stories February 19

Reports indicate that we’re just a month away from the official announcement of Apple’s long-rumored low-cost iPhone 9. Ahead of that announcement, sketchy rumors and images are starting to gain traction, and this year, they have a new platform: TikTok, which is where a so-called iPhone 9 video is gaining popularity.

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