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Nintendo has started bringing its titles to iOS with Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing. There is speculation that the company may be working on bringing The Legend of Zelda to iOS as well.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 and originally made playing cards. Now the company is famous for its iconic titles like Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda.

The company’s latest console is the Nintendo Switch, which has received positive reviews. The company is also now more focused on bringing its titles to mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

Nintendo Stories February 1

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We learned yesterday that Nintendo’s Animal Crossing – originally expected to make it onto iOS devices in March – has been delayed until later in the year. If you were hoping for any further games from the company this year, though, you may be disappointed …

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Nintendo Stories January 31

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[UPDATE: Super Mario Run sales added.]

Nintendo recently announced that Fire Emblem Heroes will be arriving on iPhone and iPad on February 2, but has now quietly announced that the mobile version of Animal Crossing will launch later than expected. Animal Crossing had originally been expected to make it onto iOS devices sometime in March, but a small note in a financial statement now rules this out …

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Nintendo Stories January 18

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Nintendo says new ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ game coming to iPhone and iPad on February 2

Update: Nintendo of America says the game is coming to iOS on February 2nd, as well:

Following the release of Super Mario Run earlier this year, Nintendo today announced its next mobile game for iOS. After previously teasing it, the company today made Fire Emblem Heroes official and revealed the game will come to iPhone and iPad “soon.”

Nintendo Stories January 3

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Nintendo Stories December 19, 2016

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We learned last week that Nintendo’s Super Mario Run became the highest grossing app within hours of release, and analytics company App Annie has now put some numbers on this. The company reports that it notched up over 10M downloads and generated more than $4M revenue on its first day.

Given its visibility, it should come as no surprise that it became the top ranked game by downloads across 60 countries immediately after launch. Based on preliminary estimates, this includes over 10 million downloads and over $4 million in consumer spend worldwide on December 15.

The firm says that it will be particularly interesting to compare the performance of the game against Pokémon Go, given the two different revenue models …

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Nintendo Stories December 13, 2016

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