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The iPhone 5s is Apple’s latest top-of-the-line smartphone, succeeding the iPhone 5. The new iPhone was announced on September 10th and released on September 20th.

The iPhone 5s includes the same aluminum design as the iPhone 5, including the same dimensions and weight. The device comes in two new colors, gold and space gray, and also is available in the same white and silver option as the iPhone 5.

The phone makes significant improvements over the iPhone 5 in three main categories: processing, cameras, and security. Replacing the iPhone 5′s A6 processor is a new A7 chip. The chip is twice as fast, includes much improved graphics, and is based on a 64-bit architecture. It is the first 64-bit smartphone. The chip allows for improved gaming and will open up the door to even more advanced apps in the future.

The camera system has been greatly enhanced with an all-new rear megapixel sensor with improved light sensors. Also new is a True-Tone flash, a dual-LED flash that makes for much better low-light photography. Complementing the bolstered hardware is new software: A Burst Mode feature to capture photos at 10-images-a-second and a new Slow-Mo video capture mode to take 120FPS video.

The highlight of the new phone is Touch ID: a fingerprint sensor inside of the iPhone’s Home button. The sapphire-crystal coded fingerprint reader allows users to login to their iPhone with the scan of a finger or thumb. It typically works well and quickly. It is easy to setup, supports put to 5 distinct fingers and can substitute a password for iTunes purchases.

In a world with smartphone displays coming in at the high-range of 4-inches, 5-inches, or even up to 6-inches, the iPhone 5s’s 4-inch screen may be small to some users. Luckily, it sounds like Apple has some bigger iPhones in the cards for 2014.

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Our recommendation:

Strongly Recommend
The iPhone 5s includes some great features that could be appealing to users of iPhones before the 5 or users wanting their first smartphone (or coming from another type of smartphone). The fingerprint sensor and new camera will be appealing to many customers, but some might not immediately notice the power of the new A7 chip. Unless you're holding out for a larger-screened iPhone, the 5s is a great choice.

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