March 29, 2018

Today Apple released macOS 10.13.4 to the public, bringing official external graphics support to the Mac. Apple has published a new document to help users navigate the ins and outs of eGPU support, including a list of eligible Mac hardware, external graphics enclosures, and GPUs. If you’re considering adopting an external graphics setup, then you definitely want to be familiar with Apple’s published requirements. expand full story

Despite the ever-increasing size of batteries, there become times when you need a little more power to get you through a day with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Whether it’s because of travel, a heavy workload, or other factors, it’s always wise to keep a portable battery pack around for extending your device’s battery life.

Head below for the best USB-C portable batteries and power packs for iPhone, iPad, and Mac…

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Apple releases macOS 10.13.4 update for High Sierra with iMac Pro wallpaper, enhanced eGPU support

Apple has released the macOS 10.13.4 update to High Sierra for all compatible Macs. The new version includes the ‘Ink Cloud’ wallpaper previously only offered on the iMac Pro, enhanced support for external GPUs, and more.

Update: Some customers have started receiving their iPad deliveries.

If you ordered a new 2018 iPad, you may want to check your shipment status, as we’ve received word via email that some deliveries are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, March 30th. expand full story

Popular food and nutrition logging app MyFitnessPal, owned by Under Armour, has suffered a massive data breach. The company announced today that an estimated 150 million have been affected by the breach and may have had their data compromised…

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Apple releases Swift 4.1 with updates to the core language, new build options, more

Swift is Apple’s programing language designed from the ground up and coinciding with the other software releases today, Apple has pushed version 4.1 of Swift to developers…

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